RuSA Success – National Highway Patrol & Copwatch Mtngs

 Tim Turner

Sun  Feb 13, 2011

Subject: RuSA allegiances w/National Highway Patrol and Sovereign CopWatch  


BREAKING NEWS: Tomkins County, New York Republic: -Sovereignty Press
On a national conference call, the NATIONAL HIGHWAY PATROL and SOVEREIGN COPWATCH announces allegience to de-jure President of the united States Republic, Tim Turner. In agreement with the President and de-jure Governor of New York, the NHP and SOVEREIGN COPWATCH administrations agree to oversee the establishment of a de-jure government for Tompkins County, in the New York Republic. The first organizational meeting for Tompkins County People's Council will be held on Sunday afternoon, February 13, in the Tomkins County Library in the Ithaca township, at 3:30p.m. in the Borg-Warner Community Room. Representatives from the Restored New York Republic, NHP, and SOVEREIGN COPWATCH will be in attendance with open invitation to the inhabitants of Tomkins County and Public Agencies 
This is a landmark event in both American and world history, for Tomkins county will the first of the restored de-jure counties in the restored New York Republic. Please re-post then forward this message to all your people, and please stay tuned for updates with results of first meeting.
[11:52:10 AM] yeold1: That is some serious skunkweed that someone's been smokin!
[11:56:40 AM] dlaschen: lol
[11:58:00 AM] yeold1: Just read the words,,,, and it tells it's own story, hopefully most have their eyeglasses 8-| on, and it helps when they're clean too!
[12:27:14 PM] bigddave54: Any idea how to contact the Republic of New York?
[1:02:01 PM] angelfire1040:
[1:07:13 PM] yeold1: Are you asking for "TT's republic" or the one that is coming forth, not aligned with TT in any way shape or form, to be specific?
[1:08:26 PM | Edited 1:08:45 PM] yeold1: The republics have never left  just for everyone's peace of mind,,, the ptb just made it a heck of a lot more difficult in the last century to gain access to them, that's all.
[1:10:12 PM] angelfire1040:

David C. Hutzler

West Va. Congressman
Restored united States

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