RuSA Taking America – Navy Commander Notified – Kelby Interview

 Robert Hender " R J "

Thur  Feb 10, 2011

Subject: Insolvent DeFacto USA – RuSA Needed     Powerful Videos on DeFacto Corp are below this story…

   A transition is on it's way for America.  Tim Geithner says that America is insolvent.  The Federal Reserve is running around trying to steal funds from wherer ever it can.  The rise of the Dinar may be the financial answer for some people. 

   Acquiring silver may be the answer for other people.  ph 435 – 283 – 3733 

   Take a look at the Republic for the united States.   Click on to your state… 

RJ and Kelby 2-10-11

    R J does his best to draw more evidence of progress by the RuSA in these 2 hour interviews with Kelby.  Some times Kelby waits until the last couple of minutes to Disclose the Latest News. 

   Woodstock was an example of a Concert that grew and grew and grew, beyond anybody's plans. 

   All over the world, people are taking a stand for Liberty. 

   Recently Homeland Security officials announced that they may break into Safety Deposit Boxes or Bank Accounts if they may deem them as a threat to the security of America. 

   What happened to our privacy?  What happened to our private property rights?  The Constitution no longer has a place in the courts in America.  Nearly every Judge in the USA is not a judge at all, but a manager of the corporation for profit. 

   Who gave the DeFacto the right to step on our rights?  By contract, nearly every American has given up their rights. 

   Nearly every nation, around the world, recognizes that corporations have taken over America.   Most Americans have no idea that people have been put up as collateral to the national, Federal Reserve debt.  The 41st Congress created the corporate USA. 

   We don't even know our own history.

   Republic President Tim Turner has been invited to meet with leaders of the European Union.  More than 60 nations are poised to meet with and negotiate with Republic President Tim Turner.  

   Members of " the Republic, " may soon be able to hand over their mortgages to the RuSA in order to stand together in the declaration that our Mortgages are all paid off.  Our debts are " free and clear. " 

   Notices to all America's Sheriffs are about to be released, informing them that members of " the Republic, " are no longer under their jurisdiction. 

   At least 21 official Notices have been sent out all over the world to inform the world that " the Republic, " is back in America.  People have the right to choose whether they may participate in America as slaves to DeFacto corporations or whether they choose to be free. 

   The final signings to these Global Notificatins took place at Declaration Hall in Pennsylvania. 

   From the Bottom Up – we have a right to Self Determination.  In America's 3007 Counties we will proceed to organize Republic County Assemblies and then DeJure Grand Juries. 

   The whole world is watching. 

   In peace, we now have the tools to put Freedom Back in place in America. 

Be Free,  Robert Hender,   R J  

Another great Video by Bruce Ray Riggs…it i sa Must See and MUST SHARE to wake people up to the American Fraud worse than all Ponzi Shemes ever pulled…

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