NWO Dishonor – RuSA Leaders say It’s a New Beginning

Republic for the united States of America

Wed  Feb 16, 2011

Subject:  We May Be Kings in America


   On Wednesday nights you can call in and listen or ask questions of " RuSA, " officials.     ph 424-203-8000  Code 819054 #   These national calls with " the Republic, " usually begin at 6pm Pacific Time. 

   If you want to examine your options or if you want to join " the Republic, " go to the main website and take a look for the state where you live.  Contact information ought to be listed there for you.  www.republicfortheunitedstates.org 

   This is the link to this last Wed National call…  


   We always begin with prayer, as we come together for ' the Republic. " 

   Jim Fitzgerald began re-telling us how America's Republic was re-inhabited by March 20th, 2010.  The Republic was re-seated in all 50 Republics. 

   Rick Winer gave more details on the 11 page application for Rangers that will be available soon. 

   Republic Vice President Charles Wright read our " Mission Statement. " 

        We the people, terminate the tyrany of financial slavery and unlawful presentment that binds us; and bestow the favors of Republic Freedom, by way of Lawful Means and Peaceable Assembly, for all men and women, under Almighty God. 

   Take a look for yourself at Title 28  Section 3002  15-A  and you'll find the evidence how the UNITED STATES of AMERICA is a corporation.  You may also find this evidence at www.Delaware.gov  

   South Carolina Republic Governor Mike Brady spoke of how overwhelming his job feels.  Gov Brady is working with the North Carolina Republic Governor as well as 7 other Republics to help organize and teach people about " the Republic. "  We have a lot of work to do.  Mike Brady said, that they finished organizing their 4th County Assembly.  In SC there are 46 Counties. 

   In this Tea Party culture America is ripe for change.  It's time to get busy.  We must Stand up for the Lord as we work to build the Republic for the united States of America. 

   Ken Cousens commented on the importance of returning to Lawful Authority.  Under the DeFacto corporation way of doing things nobody is responsible.  Under a limited liability way of living theft and fraud runs rampant.  Republics have a Biblical foundation.  We agree to law.  If we offend somebody by accident then we must provide a restitution.  If we injure somebody or some property then we may be subject to a criminal process.  In Law, every one of us become responsible. 

   Local Law is Superior to all other law. 

   Between the 50 States or Republics, we may have admiralty agreements. 

   Republic President Tim Turner is about to travel and meet with leaders from 75 countries who want to visit and create compacts with " the Republic. " 

   For us, God is the True Sovereign.  Our rights and liberties come from our Creator. 

   From our own Local Forum we may build County Assemblies.  These are Jural Bodies, our Body of Law, our own Body Politic.  Compared to a national or a statewide body politic, Local Lawss are Superior Laws. 

   We are American Nationals. 

   As we join " the Republic, " we begin our journey for Liberty.  We must continue to learn how to exercise our freedoms.  Tim Turner's class does teach people how to become a Secured Party Creditor. 

   Go anc check out Dunn and Brad Street's  list of corporations.  You will find evidence of what we're claiming.

   Billy Foust is a Republic leader from Arizona.  They are stopping foreclosures, with their DeJure Grand Jury and more remedies are on their way. 

   Ed from Nevada spelled it out clearly, that we must be at peace with one another.  True Sovereignty begins with " the people, " in the County Assmebly.  His documents are precise in peaceful and lawful language for people to participate in " the Republic. " 

   Kevin in Florida spoke of the Uniform Commercial Code and how we need to learn more about what we are doing or else people won't be able to believe what we are trying to teach them. 

   Do a google serch of " the Act of 1871, " and you'll find the evidence of how corporations have taken over America and they've been raping other countries. 

   Ken Cousens spoke more about acting in Honor or in DisHonor. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J        





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