Top 3 WW3 Plans – It’s a Vatican Plot – Dave Cleveland interview

Robert Hender " R J "
Tue  Feb 15, 2011
Subject: The Devil's Plan for the Vatican and WW3 

   This kind of a discussion is never easy.  Dave Cleveland and " R J " get together on the radio once in a while to discuss the connections between the Holy Land, America, the NWO, Hitler, the Vatican, the Pope etc… 

   More evidence is listed below the article below. 

FEBRUARY 15, 2011


   Dave Cleveland has been gathering pieces of the whole Vatican Conspiracy puzzle for many decades.  He's not oposed to " the Jews, " but he demands that we understand which Jews we are examining. 

   Hitler was an operative for the Vatican, the Jesuit Priest Order. 
   We are already facing a new Inquisition whereby we are all about to be placed under One World Religious Canopy.  If we will not submit to this Global Power then we will be persecuted. 
   In the first place, if you have been paying attention to Hillary Clinton recently you will see that she has been demanding that people in the Middle East have access to the internet.  From the internet, Facebook and Google and other Social Media forms are being used to unhinge the whole Middle East.  We're watching the strategic removal of peace from the middle east region. 
   A global war, between Iran and Israel is one of the puzzle pieces in their evil NWO plans. 
   Evil, NWO dictators may be replaced by even more evil NWO puppets in the Middle East. 
   Factions within the CIA are organizing riot teams to participate in the Peaceful Protests in the Middle East.  From Tunisia to Egypt and Yemen and Bahrain and Libya and Jordan and Iran and on and on trouble in the region is being stirred now.  On it's face it may appear as young, educated people who want a job and they want a better life for themselves.  All of that makes sense, but it's not the real cause behind the events we are watching on our TV's at night. 
   Wages from the Devil are death. 
   The very people who are working to destroy, will find their own destruction close behind.  When you work for the devil only the devil wins. 
   Shimon Perez and Netanyahoo are in place to help secure the Holy sites for the Vatican. 
   Freemasonry was infiltrated by the Jesuit Order and it's being used to secure America for the Black Pope and the Vatican.  From Washington DC and all across America you can find the markings and other symbols of this satanic, freemasonry control of the USA.  Members of the Rothschilds family have made visits to Salt Lake City and have joined the Mormon Church, parading themselves through LDS Temples. 
   Are you paying attention to the LDS Temple that is being built in Rome? 
   Killing off 2/3 of humanity is another piece of their New World Disorder Plan.
   When you keep poking the bear, at some point the bear won't bear with being poked any more.  A global war could suck Iran and Israel in to a fight and Russia and China would jump in amd America would jump in with it's allies and we could all be participating in our own demise. 
   The drums of politics, Religion, Commerce and Education are all being played to bring us in to their subjegation. 
   Have you examined the video; Zionism & Christianity?  Have you taken a look at ?  Have you taken a look at
   The Illuminati has infiltrated every organization. 
   It is my persnal belief that in all of this, a new PassOver is on it's way for God's Remnant too.
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J  
   More articles and evidence are listed below… 


"Occultists the world over believe that, once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbol(s) are created without the profane [uninitiated] knowing about it. And, the greatest power of all is created in the symbol(s) if the uninitiated NEVER discover that the symbol exists. In this article, we shall demonstrate positive proofs of conspiracy to achieve the ends of Freemasonry, i.e., achieving the New World Order. And, these proofs exist right under your eyes, in Washington, D.C., the Capital district. Prepare for the unexpected. Before you read this article, you might want to go to a map store to buy a street map of Washington, D.C.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!"
(Excerpt) Read more at the link…
Satanic Occult Symbols in Washington D.C.
Complied and Edited by David J. Stewart
"…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." —Revelation 2:9
Mystery Babylon and the Illuminati (1 Hour Free Video by Texe Mars) | Download (63 MB)

Excellent pix here…


Washington D.C. and Masonic/Luciferic Symbology.

"There is much more to UFOs then Unidentified Flying Objects and aliens.  People must understand the spiritual side of what is going on.   These "gods" haven't left  us.  They live among us, controlling us via mind control tactics.   I would trust that you would study the entire site, it has plenty to offer.

     As you can see on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill there is a pyramid with the All-Seeing-Eye of God, with the message,  "New Order of The Ages" or "New World Order."
        You are about to learn that the U.S. Government is linked to Satanism.   You have already learned that the U.S. Government is linked to several other governments and the church.   And that it is all run by the secret society Brotherhood.
        The street design in Washington, D.C., has been laid out in such a manner that certain Luciferic symbols are depicted by the streets, cul-de-sacs and rotaries.   This design was created in 1791, a few years after Freemasonry assumed the leadership of the New World Order, in 1782.
        In Europe,  occult leaders were told by their Familiar Spirits as early as the 1740's that the new American continent was to be established as the new "Atlantis", and its destiny was to assume the global leadership of the drive to the New World Order.
       The United States of America was chosen to lead the world into this kingdom of Antichrist from the beginning.   The capital is Washington, D.C.
        In 1791, Pierre Charles L'Enfante(the designer, who was a Freemason), laid out Governmental Center of Washington, D.C.,  he planned more than just streets, roads, and buildings.   He hid certain occultic magical symbols in the layout of  U.S. Governmental Center.   When these symbols are united they become one large Luciferic, or occultic, symbol.

Washington D.C. An untrained eye might not see the Luciferic connection in this map.
        The upper four points of the Goathead represent the four elements of the world, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.   The bottom fifth point represents the spirit of Lucifer.  All of which are represented in Washington D.C. (The United States Capital)
        Many people have natural tendencies to want to disbelieve unpleasant or frightening truths.
Occultists take advantage of this.   "Audacity, always Audacity", is a saying the Masters of the Illuminati have always had.   Something shocking and so far out and considered to be impossible,……  is Audacity.
        People naturally feel that their leaders generally have their best interest at heart whether they be in a democracy or a government of royalty.  Leaders may commit errors and may be incompetent.   Some people may take solace in their belief that most leaders have their country's best interests at heart, most of the time.
        The average citizen in any given country could not conceive that their leaders may consistently have evil in their hearts.   And this evil would be towards the very people they are leading.
        Since 1776, our leadership (U.S. Government) has been consistently moving us toward the Luciferic New World Order.  This leadership has always been working through Secret Societies, misleading us as to their true intentions.
        This is why our study today is so CRITICAL!!!; it demonstrates, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our leadership has knowingly and consistently been pursuing a hidden agenda which, when fully carried out, will mean the destruction of our nation(the U.S.) as we know it today and the beginning of the Biblical Great Tribulation. Our leaders are currently calling this system the New World Order!

The U.S. Capital Building
        Once they are hidden, these occultic symbols are thought to possess great power. The Snake Basilisk is "said to have the power to destroy all upon whom it looks".   To a person who is not an occultist, they will have no concept of the true hidden meaning contained within the symbol.   And that hidden purpose is to communicate certain meanings to other occultists while hiding this meaning from all non-occultists.
        The symbols that were interwoven into the design of Governmental Center, communicate tremendous power to the occultist while at the same time they hide the true meaning from non-occultist.   These symbols take on a life of their own, in the mind of the occultist, possessing great inherent power to accomplish the plans of the occultist.
        According to occultic/Satanic doctrine, the upper four points of the Goathead(left) represent the four elements of the world, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.  The bottom fifth point represents the spirit of Lucifer.  In the above photocopy of the Goathead Pentagram, the fifth point extends down into the mind of the goat, who represents Lucifer.   With all that as background, let us now begin our study of Governmental Center, Washington, D.C.

The Satanic symbol & the Masonic layout of Washington D.C.

        In the street layout of Washington D.C., the fifth point is the White House, a symbol placement which represents the intention that the spirit and the mind of Lucifer will be permanently residing in the White House.  The map I found isn't all that accurate as far as the streets are concerned, but it will have to do.

The White House makes up the southern most tip of the Goathead.

Lansat satellite image of the White House (below center) and surrounding northern area.
In the map above, beginning from top left to top middle:
1. Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and Scott Circle in the middle, form the top three points of the Devil's Goathead of Mendes, one of the most important types of the Five-pointed Devil's Pentagram.
2. Washington Circle forms the extreme left-hand point of the Goathead.
3. Mt. Vernon Square forms the extreme right-hand point of the Goathead.
4. The White House forms the fifth and bottom point of the Goathead.
        There is a 666 evident in the most important top three circles of the Goathead, Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle.   Each of these streets has six major streets coming into them from all angles of the circle.   This type of encoding is so typical of the occultist.
        Everything was deliberately planned to stamp the power of Freemasonry and the symbols of its plans for America indelibly upon Government Center in Washington D.C.
        The combination of the the Goathead of Mendes, Devil's Pentagram, and the practical existence of the number 666 within the three upper points of the Pentagram, unmistakably shows that Lucifer is planned to be the ultimate master of Governmental Center.
dupont_circle.jpg (27717 bytes)
Dupont Circle
scott_circle.jpg (24781 bytes)
Scott Circle
Satellite photos came from Microsoft's Terraserver.
        Now look for a moment at the circles which comprise the points of the Pentagram. Washington Circle, Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle comprise four of the six points of the Pentagram. The only point which is not a circle or a form of a circle is Mt. Vernon Square. We shall return to the discussion of the importance of the square to the occultist, but let us now concentrate upon the circle.

Logan Circle
        It is no secret as to why the Masonic architect chose to use circles as four of the points of the Pentagram. As Goodman states in his book, Magic Symbols, "without doubt, the circle is the most important of all units in magic symbolism, and in almost every case where it is used, the circle is intended to denote spirit, or spiritual forces". Therefore, we can know with certainty that these circles of this Pentagram were used to denote powerful spiritual forces.   And, of course, these spiritual forces are from Lucifer.

Map of Washington D.C. with outlined Luciferic design.
        But, there is much more symbolism expressed by the circle in occultic thought. The circle has also been used as a halo above a person's head, denoting that "he or she is in direct communication with the spiritual world".
        The circle has also been utilized to represent the Sun, especially in spiritual terms, denoting spiritual light. But, the circle also is utilized as a symbol of the All-Seeing Eye. Remember the All-Seeing Eye atop the pyramid on the American One-Dollar bill? This eye is within a triangle, but the important factor to realize is that the eye is atop a pyramid. Of course, a pyramid is nothing more than a triangle. Look again at the triangles formed by the Goathead Pentagram.
        Four out of five triangles of the Goathead has a circle, representing the All-Seeing Eye atop each triangle.   However, the architect had a problem with the triangle at the far right, because he chose the square as the anchor point; the solution is to place Thomas Circle at one of the points, thus giving that triangle an All-Seeing Eye.  In fact, I believe this is the reason why Thomas Circle was placed in the odd position it was; it is the only circle which was not placed as an anchor of the Pentagram.   Even the Southern Point of the Goathead Pentagram, the one which ends at the White House, has a circle at its top. Notice the Ellipse located just to the south of the White House lawn. (below)

Lansat image of the White House
        Thus, the FreeMason architect who drew this pattern intended to show that Governmental Center was planned to be ruled by Satan. Further, the Goathead Pentagram was placed so the Southernmost point, the spiritual point, is precisely centered on the White House.   Notice that I did not arbitrarily draw these lines to center on the White House; rather, the White House is the precise point where the two lines formed by Connecticut Avenue flowing from Dupont Circle, and by Vermont Avenue flowing from Logan Circle, intersect. The meaning is all too clear. Occultists planned for the White House to be controlled by Lucifer in accordance with his occultic power and doctrine."
(Excerpt) Read more at the link…







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