DeFacto Killing America – RuSA DeJure Answers for America – Kelby interview

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed Feb 16, 2011
Subject: Does RuSA Fulfill Prophecy?  

   America needs our prayers, now.  America needs our attention, now.  It's clear that the enemies of America are within our own borders, doing their best to destroy our country.  Is this illuminati cabal also behind the unhinging of the middle east?  We must be willing to take an honest look at the evidence behind the coming Financial Collapse of the dollar and other currencies.  Below is a 2nd article about Justice Thomas who says he supports the Tim Turner group and a DeJure solution for America.

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Radio Interview: RJ Hender on the Republic:  02/16/2011   Part 1  /  Part 2 

   In the Declaration of Independence it declares that " All Men Are Created Equal, " but we don't see a lot of equality around us.  When we work with people around us are we asking people what their needs are or how we may help? 

   Kelby says he had only a moment, before his grandfather died, to see him and look in to his eyes. 

   As our days begin do we ask this question of God, " what is my job today, Lord? " 

   The National Media is aware of the true birthplace of President Barack Obama.  This media continues to lie to us, forwarding some agenda for an unseen hand. 

   NASA astronauts are aware that there may be other lifeforms out there.  Do your own google search by typing NASA and tether.  See what you come up with.  Kelby says he found an electricity instrument, like a magnetic belt that extends from eart, ten miles long up into the atmosphere. 

   As Kelby Smith works with the Republic for the united States he has a pile of emails about 2,500 high.  Our remedy for the crimes against America will take some time.  In California they have seated about 600 to 700 people in " the Republic. "  Officially, about 5 Counties have their Assemblies in California.  We need to bond together. 

   It seems that the negative angle on things is always there.  America's Republic was vacated back in 1860 and what we have done is re-inhabited the Republic. 

   The USA corporation and their corporate network is assaulting over 270 countries with their Central Banking and the IRS.  The UNITED STATES of AMERICA is a corporatin for profit that was designed to steal from us, our rights and our property and our nation. 

   Take a look at Revelations 6: –  it speaks about whether we are sold out to Jesus, or not…

   Take a look at Ezekiel 38:  it speaks of coming events for America and the world.  It speaks of 5 nations that will come against Israel, Russia and Iran and Turkey and Iraq… 

   Take a look at Daniel 9:  it speaks of 7 years of tribulation

   Take a look at Revelations 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-16  …it speaks of a Rapture that may come for God's People.  May we find the deed to the earth in these scriptures? 

   We may also read, in these scriptures, of " …They Sang a New Song, " a song of redemption for Israel. 

   When did Israel become a nation? 

   This Republic, is His platform?  The RuSA is a platform for God.  The rest of America seems to have turned their back on God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  America can not be redeemed without the help of the Almighty God. 

   This is not about 1 demonination.  We aren't pushing some Church here, in the RuSA. 

   The history books have been edited and changed in order to take God out of our history.  The original history books were filled with evidence of the Hand of God playing a major role in establishing Liberty in America. 

   An Anti-Christ agenda has taken over America.  Examine the White House and the Pentagon and the streets around Washington DC with the upside down star and the Free Mason structures where the true power of DC stems from.  It seems that from this DC Freemason Church, America is operated. 

   The 666 Beast has been mocking God – from DC where their seat of power lies. 

   In America we have a chance to be the Kings and Queens on the Land. 

   The true assets in a country are it's people. 

   Shall we be assets for God? 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Supreme Court Justice Thomas Admits that he Supports RuSA Efforts  

Posted By: kbcjedi <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 19-Feb-2011 16:28:15

What Thomas is saying that the De Facto court is a private corporation that does not follow the Constitution, so there is no eligibility requirement for the Court. The De Jure court is not currently operative, but it may be soon. Whether or not the Turner group is for real; they are exposing the differences between the De Facto and the De Jure Government structures.
It is the ignorance of the True knowledge of the structure of the original de jure government and the De facto that keeps the Evildoers in power. Learn the Truth and then get angry and do something. Your anger will lead you to the truth and your own power. As an American Sovereign, it is your duty to discipline your government officials if they are operating outside their oaths of office. The United States Republic is being set up to take back the government peacably. It is a 6 month interim gig, before new elections are held. Examine the information and make a decision to join.
I am aware of the negative information about the Republic and Turner being circulated. I have a wait and see attitude, of course, leaning in support of the Republic. Right now this is the only option on the table other than the reform of the de facto, which by definition is impossible, since it is not the correct form of government. My main goal is to spread the info about the need for a gold/silver standard and a common-law de jure government.









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  1. Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out some additional information.

    • RJ says:

      Do a google search on Kelby Smith.  The majority of RUSA participants are no longer engaged in the movement.  Across America, a few of them/us are still promoting principles of Life, Liberty and Happiness.  Kelby is out promoting other things, right now.  I continue to get email from him, regarding some suppliment thing that he has for sale.  I did much good for Kelby and Tim Turner, but then was thrown under the bus.  With health issues of my own to deal with, I’m very limited on what I am engaged with.  I do not have video, in what you have asked for.  I think that you can still google videos on the content Tim Turner used to speak about…  RJ

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