Top 8 Questions – NWO Mormon Church Culling the Herd

Dave Cleveland

Wed Mar 2, 2011

Subject:  Mormon Church Gathers Intel for Homeland Security   

Who planned the European Union?
Nazis planned European Union Fourth Reich on August 10, 1944 

Biometric Identification Begins In California for Anyone Arrested

Homeland Security wants to get to know you. In fact, they want to know every possible detail about you, your employment history, beliefs in God, organizational affiliations, political leanings etc.
The Nazis found that men of the cloth based the best collaborators. They could be relied on to spy on their congregations and report any un-Nazi like activities. This would be considered an extreme breach of confidence by those the German Clergy took into their confidence, but, it is highly unlikely that the cowards ever told their congregation that they were under the NAZI thumb.
Undoubtedly these weasels rationalized that they were doing what needed to be done to "save" their flocks from the NAZI wolves. However, if they had done their job in the first place, and resisted the Nazi evil, think of all the misery and evil they could have prevented. Adolf Hitler came into power because the German Clergy permitted it.
This past Sunday, from what I understand from various reports, the Mormon Church introduced three outsiders from the University of Pennsylvania to their congregations in various locales.
I quote from an anonymous correspondent:
"In (Mormon Church Services) we were told there would be a survey given out, therefore the class would be cut short, allowing us time to fill out the questionnaire.
This was to be volunteer survey— had been authorized by the church, Pres Monson, & Also, "The Public Affairs Council of the L.D.S. church". ( however, I could see clearly we were expected to answer all questions and complete the survey) Also, M. Russell Ballard had added his name near the top of second page, encouraging all members to answer questions.
1. Beginning questions— married? single? widow? etc. Harmless enough.
(b) education— school level? length of time? degree? specialty? B.S.? P.H.D.? etc.
(c) age— 20-30, 40-50, 60-70?
(d) mission for the church? what kind of mission? where served, length of time, etc.
(e) jobs to be listed, held in the church in past years, jobs now held, jobs you would like to be doing in the future?
(f) ever been a bishop, stake pres, leadership of all kinds to be listed.
2.employment or experience skills,, electrical, mechanical, medical of all types,(doctor, nurse, assistant, etc) computer, food, cooking, hair, engineering of all types, legal training of all types, emergency ability of all types, trusted positions such as banking or trusted with finances in various places of employment, etc.
3.Have you ever done other free volunteer work in schools, emergency, projects you can list for any other none church organizations?
4. What type of free service can you think of the church could expand into, that has not been made available to date?
5.What type of voluteer works did you see parents doing, during the years of growing up?
6. Describe what you think the purposes of life, elaborate how you feel about this.
7.Are you close to God? How important is it to you to be close to God?
8.Do you follow the covenants? elaborate.
Many more personal questions I could not get to.
This is only the beginning! Sounds very much like FEMA camps to me!!!"

Why Wind Power Could Be The Greatest Scam Of Our Age

MUST SEE: YouTube: Rep. Ted Poe: There's 192 Countries That Exist In The World & We Give Foreign Aid To Over 150 Of Them!"

Yikes! Guess who was named dangerous 'patriot' group
Southern Poverty Law Center publishes 'antigovernment, conspiracy-minded' list. Yes indeed….A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center on "hate groups" warns of the explosive growth in 2010 of extremist, "patriot" organizations, among them the Constitution Party, Oath Keepers and WorldNetDaily.

Gold Buying in China Jumps as Inflation Flares, Boosting Demand
Gold purchases in China, the world’s largest producer, climbed to 200 metric tons in the first two months of 2011 as faster inflation boosted consumer demand, according to UBS AG, which said the price may gain to $1,500.

QE3? Several Top Federal Reserve Officials Seem To Think That More Quantitative Easing Is Necessary
The end of QE2 is still several months away and yet quite a few top Federal Reserve officials are already hinting that more quantitative easing may be necessary

LIIE Bernanke: Surge In Oil Prices Not Hurting US Economy Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke offered a fairly upbeat assessment of the U.S. economy Tuesday, saying the recent surge in oil prices is unlikely to have a major effect on growth or inflation as long as higher prices do not become sustained.

Saudi Arabia Sends Tanks to Riot-Hit Bahrain Saudi Arabia has sent dozens of tanks to Bahrain, where anti-government protests continue for about two weeks, Egypt's Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper said on Tuesday.


4.7 Earthquake, Arkansas, Swarm, Enola Swarm, Natural Gas Industry, Injection Wells
The largest earthquake to hit Arkansas in 35 years also shook parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Mississippi on Sunday night. This comes in a swarm of about 800 earthquakes to strike north central Arkansas since September.

Chavez: U.S. distorting situation in Libya ‘to justify an invasion’ Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claims U.S. criticism of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has a clear aim: military invasion.

The Middle East protests have fueled more than just a change in Democracy; it looks like these political outbursts will affect the gas pump as well. There are reports that crude oil could rise up to 200 dollars a barrel. Director of the Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente says the role of the Federal Reserve, interest rates and the potential oil crisis out of the Middle East could be detrimental to the United States economy.

Judge Napolitano Weighs in for FOX About DHS Plans To Begin Testing Portable DNA Scanner (Video) After we released the article, DNA “Genetic Patdown” Introduced to Airports by DHS, we quickly received a TSA comment on our site fromBlogger Bob, the web name for a Program Analyst with the Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs.

Oil could bring US down Ben Bernanke testified before the Senate Banking Committee and warned that a rise in oil prices as a result of the conflicts in the Middle East could threaten US growth and spark dangerous price rises. Author and researcher Adrian Salbuchi says while rising oil prices seem to go against US interests there has been a process of weakening the US because of other rising super powers anyway.

If House Republicans have their way, the U.S. may sever its fiscal support for the United Nations’ climate group, reflecting the last lingering effects of the Climate-gate scandal that shook climate science and wobbled the world’s confidence in the theory that man’s actions are causing the planet to rapidly warm.

With Russia’s $650 billion rearmament plan, the bear sharpens its teeth   March 1, 2011 | Christian Science Monitor


Mideast Quartet due in Israel in bid to restart peace talks
March 1, 2011 | Haaretz —officials are due to arrive in Israel next week to meet with advisers of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in order to discuss new efforts to restart peace negotiations with the Palestinians
Panel approves bill to increase Utah gas tax
KSL-March 1, 2011 –SB239 proposes to raise the Utah tax 5 cents per gallon Utah has the 24th highest gas tax in the nation. The increase would push it to 17th highest…Should the proposal pass, drivers would pay a total of 29.5 cents tax on each gallon beginning July 1. The increase would raise about $60 million a year, said bill sponsor Sen. Kevin Van Tassell, R-Vernal. Lawmakers last raised the gas tax in 1997.
The bill also would raise the tax on natural gas from 8.5 cents to 10 cents per gallon.
…The Utah Petroleum Marketers & Retailers Association also opposed the bill, saying it will hurt retailers and rural communities.


Ten Commandments targeted for banishment
Principal orders God's laws yanked from student lockers

Why we elect liars as leaders

In 'How Evil Works,' David Kupelian explains the unexplainable
Why do we elect liars as leaders? Why is radical Islam making such alarming inroads into American society? Why do so many celebrities like Charlie Sheen who "have it all" – talent, fame, good looks, wealth, adoration – end up self-destructing? Why are big lies so much more believable than little ones? Why are Christians losing America?

Christianity isn’t dying, it’s being eradicated

March 1st, 2011…We’ve outgrown Christianity, the judges professed. Instead, we have graduated to the status of a multicultural nation, blessed by a plurality of faiths. Ironically, the justices who have pronounced that Britain is no longer Christian did so in a court where witnesses swear on the Bible and invoke God’s help in telling the truth. I do not imagine that these judges leave out the first word in “God Save the Queen”

Zechariah 14:12-13 And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.
And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the LORD shall be among them; and they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour.

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