NWO Friends – Murder and Theft Gang with Money


Fri  March 4, 2011

Subject: Top 3 NWO Gangs


This video is not about 911 – although at the onset there will be burning towers and a graphic body splattered on the sidewalk. (a heads up)  This film connects the dots of world control origination.  One might feel better knowing the uSA is merely another used and abused puppetted country, like all of the others. Our country was infiltrated a long time ago…

We need to quit feeding the parasite.
Good viewing before filling tax preparations, it’ll save you the time.
Keeping in mind, you consent to forking over digits to the IRS.
It is voluntary because Congress never approved of it.
Also, looking at the tax form, the  “amount you owe” line.
What is it that you owe? It does not tell you what that detail is.
Anyone assuming it is dollars is assuming. And, a dollar is not money,
it is a promissory note.  A promise to pay.  We are sending around,
exchanging dollars, promising to pay.  The promise to pay is never satisfied
because the dollar is just a piece of paper with no value. The dollar is not like
the days of old when the treasury note was exchanged for gold or silver.


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