Top 25 NWO Kills – Tim Turner Because We Stand for Truth

Tim Turner RuSA
Wed  March 2, 2011
Subject: RuSA Call to Action

Tim Turner's course for becoming a "Secured Party Creditor," is still available by clicking on to the site   Near the top-right of the page you'll find a banner for Tim's course.

   Every Wednesday " the Republic, " come together to hear from it's leaders in a Conference Cally.  You could listen in, if you like to progress updates and advice from the RuSA.  At 6pm Pacific Time call 424-203-8000 and then access code 819054 # 

   From the link below, Kelby Smith begins the discussion as the moderator.  Tim Turner then steps in to admit that the RuSA credential equipment has been hijacked by some men that Tim Turner thought he could trust.  Republic President Tim Turner borrowed money in order to acquire this equipment and he vows to repay that loan, even though this credential equipment is no longer in the hands of the RuSA.

    I did my best to take good notes of this Wed Conference call.  Below is a summary of the discussion on March 2nd. 

   Adversity seems to continue showing up.  It hasn't been easy, but we continue to come together and with the help of God we can win.  Republic Governors are doing their job, building County Assmblies.  All over the world, exciting things are coming together for the RuSA.  Republic President Tim Turner said that he would be leaving to meet with learders from around the world, in just a few days. 

   A campaign to smear the name of Tim Turner and to smear the name of the RuSA is under way.  If we pay attention we can see through the lies that are being told about " the Republic. " 

   We will operate on an " Honor System, " regarding Republic Credentials.  The couple of men who have hijacked the I D equipment refuse to communicate with the RuSA.  We began asking for Money Orders because they may be easier to facilitate things. 

   We have asked for financial support for the Supreme Court Justices that coming together.  Some of these National DeJure Grand Jury members need help in order to travel.  Their work is moving forward. 

   Because of attempts to smear " the Republic, " we will begin numbering RuSA correspondence. 

   Because we stand for the Truth, we have come under attack.  God is in charge.  Just a handfull of greedy men, have made things difficult for the RuSA.  Some days are very challenging for us, but with the help of God you will see moe success by " the Republic, " very soon. 

   The Republic needs your prayers.  These prayers sustain Republic President Tim Turner and the RuSA. 

   Republic VP Charles Wright then commented on the progress by the Republic House and Senate leaders.  These men and women have come together to serve the cause of Freedom and America. 

   The education committee is preparing a series of Training Videos that will help people understand aspects of what we are doing and some of our history. 

   Gossip seems to be faster than the Truth.  As we get closer to accomplishing the RuSA goals more attacks against are bound to come.   Ask for evidence, as rumors fly at " the Republic. "  You will see that those DeFacto lies won't be able to stand. 

   HUD Secretary Kelby Smith recalled comments he made a week ago about the coming collapse of the dollar. 

   If you will examine the lay-out of the streets of Washingto  D C you'll see a pentagram appear.  Notice where the brain is of the Goat Head symbol.  Take notice of where the mouth is.  There is a luciferian agenda that has taken over America.  It appears that the brains of this DeFacto operation stem from the FreeMasonic Temple and the spokesmen for their lies come out of the Whitehouse. 

   An attack upon Christianity is raging in America.  It matters where we stand, in all of this.  Will we back down?  There is no looking back, says Kelby Smith. 

   Kelby Smith went on to name over 25 locations where attacks on birds and fish have taken place.  Who will speak out against this genocide agenda upon these animals, fish and birds?  Go ahead and google Private Jet and Chemical and Trails and see what you come up with. 

   Other reports point to a company called " Evergreen, " that is behind a Chemtrail Spraying agenda.  This outfit has over 4,500 employees that have been hired to fly planes over communities all over America and other countries.  These chemtrails are filled with aluminum, barium, pathogens and other deadly chemicals in order to wipe out people and animals. 

   New World Order thugs want to reduce populations everywhere. 

   Millions of birds, fish, animals and even people are dying because of these genocide activities by Chemtrails and HAARP.  These NWO thugs are giddy over these deaths. Take a look at  that should be it… 

   Have we had enough death yet?  At Romans 13:10 we're told to love one another…      

   Kelby began taking callers… 

   One man from Arizona mentioned that he didn't like the " Christian position, " that the RuSA has taken.  There is room for people with varying opinions and creeds and colors.  There are Christians, Agnostics and non Believers in the ranks of the RuSA.

   One caller asked if somebody from " the Republic, " has seen the gold that has been promised by a few countries, for our cause.  Jim Fitzgerald mentioned that at least 3 RuSA people have seen this gold.  Kelby mentioned that this gold would have to come to America and that bonds could be created with this gold as collateral. 

   One caller asked about the 21 Notices that " the Republic, " is back that were sent out to the world.  Only 1 of them has not returned the evidence of arrival.  This 1 should be re-sent soon. 

   Ken Cousens commented on how the DeFacto is now desperate.  They are running out of options, out of good ideas for their schemes.  The Federal Reserve system is broke.  These NWO cowards are trying to steal and kill their way in to more power. 

   One caller mentioned that we can't have Liberty without God.  He said that he has seen miracles from God, in this RuSA movement.  H G Wells disclosed years ago that the illuminati people believe that killing is worthwhile. 

   Ken Cousens spoke up about the Modern Phase of Debt.  1 – In 1871 the USA corporation was created  2 – Next came the creation fo the 14th amendment citizen  3 – We have been trained not to question the validity of the national debt  4 – After all the gold was secured back in 1933 the NWO began a new money system based on debt 

   We need to create an environment for monetary units of value.  We need a system, based on our production, like products that come from our efforts. 

   This RuSA thing is not about Tim Turner. 

   What will you do for Freedom?  Take a look at the national RuSA website

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J 

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