Economic Collapse $220 Oil – RuSA is the Only Answer – Kelby Smith interview

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Sat  March 5, 2011
Subject: RUSA is the Only Answer

Interview With Kelby Smith Mar 5, 2011

   Take a look at " the Republic. "    Select the Free State you are in and make contact…

   Gasoline prices are going through the roof…  May we recommend 3 options to prepare?  We'll list them below…

Click here to download mp3:     Notes of this interview are written below… 
Interview With Kelby Smith  

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   From my 8 pages of notes, are some of the details from this interview with Kelby of the RuSA.  Excuse my mistakes. 

   Manny did a wonderful job interviewing Kelby of the RuSA last Saturday.  They covered a lot of issues.

   Kelby says that several pieces of good news will be made known soon.  Behind the scenes, all kinds of activity is under way that will be made public just as soon as it is appropriate to disclose those details.  The " One Supreme Court, " is dealing with issues that we will become aware of, soon.  Agreements with other countries have been made and will be made.  We will be informed about those details, just as soon as it is appropriate for the RuSA to release those details to us. 

   Some times you have to go outside of America in order to get to the truth in the news about America. 

   It's been difficult to determine whether the DeFacto is behind all of the protests and riots in the Middle East or whether those uprisings are an honest, " Get Rid of Another Rotten Dictator Movement. " 

   Self Defense is an important aspect of our God Given right to self defense.  How do we defend ourselves from Chemtrails or HAARP spraying or the FDA and the EPA and other DeFacto factions who are on this genocide agenda?  Manny suggested 2 herbal remedies; Oregano Oil and Pau d'Arco. 

   The protests in Libya shouldn't impact the price we pay for gas, in America.  Libya sells their oil to China. 

    Fear and Speculators of Oil are driving up the price of oil right now.  The interuption of the flow of oil to China and the west, is the issue here.  America's 5th fleet is watching the Suez Canal and Saudia Arabia may be next for protests.  Last Thursday Iran gave a warning to Saudia Arabia, " not to mess around with Iran's Muslims. "   Depending on who you listen to, we could see the price of oil go up to $220 a barrel. 

   Gasoline prices in Europe is already at $16 a gallon.  By the summer we could see $5 a gallon gasoline prices. 

   Kelby mentioned that the National Inflation Institute says that we could see bread at $26 a loaf and milk at $27 a gallon by the end of 2011.  This " Perfect Storm, " could bring America to a screeching halt. 

   Kelby said that he has worked as a Mortgage Broker.  He lost his house and he knows what it was like to have no place to go with his wife and children.  For 30 days Kelby and his family survived on the fron tlawn, of a friend of his.

   During the hard times Kelby went out and bought rice and beans and soy sauce and protein powder.   People may not want to hear about Coming Calamities or Gloom and Doom, but people need to wake up. 

   Manny mentioned that right now is the perfect time to recruit people in to " the Republic. "  Maybe billboards can get the atteniton of some people who are now aware of the RuSA yet. 

   Kelby shared that, " when the funding arrives, " for the RuSA then there is a lot of work for us to go and do.  We will be preparing places of shelter and refuge for " the Republic. "   We may not be so concerned about going to Drive-Thru's for our food, or going to the Movies or going out to buy fancy clothes. 

   Manny says that an " official Day of Rage, " is coming to DC on the 11th of March.  It seems that maybe Sharia Law in America may be behind some of the activity in the Middle East. 

   Manny went on to say that Obama is not a Muslim, really.  Bam Bam is a Luciferian.  Once someone has reached the 33rd degree as a Freemason, he is inducted in to the Illuminati and he makes more promises to the devil. 

   Kelby mentioned that his mother named him after Saint Thomas Moore, who stood up to the Crown of England.  Today, it's easy to become pesimistic and things can be pretty overwhelming some times.  Kelby told Manny that he goes on a walk with his mom sime times.  Advice from our moms is usually pretty good.  Kelby's mom keeps telling him not to worry about things beyond his control.  " Let Go and Let Go, " works for Kelby.  Some times we must turn it all over to God. 

   Fear is the absense of God. 

   Manny spoke of how some times we must come from the frame of mind that we don't care whether we live or die.  It's a walk of faith some times, that carries us through tough times.

   God can Fight our Battles for us!  We have already won.  The Republics have been re-inhabited.  God can move quickly.  Beyond what we can control, God is truly in charge of all of this. 

   Manny spoke up to say that the RuSA is open to anybody.  Manny claims that he is a Bible Thumper, but " the Republic, " does not reject people for being non-Christian. 

   Kelby says, that we all have God Given Rights, as men and women on the land in America.  We are no longer 14th Amendment citizens. 

   In the Bible, before Israel went in to the Promised Land, they wandered around in the wilderness for 40 years.  There is a lot of work to be done, in " the Republic. "  Even when Jesus spoke about " render to Caesar that which is Caesar's, " He was speaking aobut jurisdiction.  We have a lot to learn.  Kelby said, he recently opened a new bank account and he spelled it out on their paperwork that he Reserves his UCC1 Rights…  ARR UCC1 – 308   Kelby went on to say that he is working on a system of " tax strategy, " for his family.  We must declare that we are the trustee of our trust.  We are living in a contract world.  We must keep our strawman in honor, until the DeFacto corporation collapses.  Never admit to being a US 14th amendment citizen. 

   Manny told Kelby that he did not notice a number afixed to the last Executive Order that was announced by President Obama on the 25th of February.  Something signifucant is up with that.

   The Federal Reserve is out there, seizing funds from where ever they can grab them.  They are like a " Dead Man Walking. "

   The NWO DeFacto thugs are scared.  They have no good ideas.  These DeFActo thugs are not waiting around.  They continue to attack us with Oil Prices and Foreclosures, and HAARP and Chemtrails, and lyars in DC. 

   Too many Americans are playing the " we'll wait and see game. " 

   If the DeFacto finished collapsing today, we are not prepared to step in and pick up the slack.  Lots of people would lose their jobs and there may be chaos all over America.  We must find good people, ready to lead for " the Republic. " 

   Can we hold it together when everything is falling down around us? 

   Did the " Founding Fathers, " get a paycheck for the work they did in America?  Most of them died, broke. 

   Most of the phone calls that Kelby takes are from people who have complaints to lay at his feet.  It can wear a man out. 

   Very soon, the dollar will no longer be the world's reserve currency. 

   Are we here to get rich?  Are we here to save our country? 

   If the Internet " Kill Switch, " was initiated then it would bring the whole financial system down with it.  TPTB would never do that.  Maybe they would pick and choose what websites to take down or what places get internet service and what areas don't. 

   The RuSA needs your prayers. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   


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