WW3 Libya – NWO Wants to Steal Qadhafi’s Water

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Mon  March 7, 2011

Subject: Don't Let the NWO Bomb Kadoffy's Water System


Khaddafy is not the man the media makes him out to be –

Libya is key – And now we know why!!! See next links

My personal testimony about the Colonel Khaddafy Gunther knew

The article I have inserted below tells the story of a
HUGE and unprecedented project that takes water from an underground ocean of fresh water, and pumps it to the people of Libya.

This means that the deserts of Libya will have unlimited amounts of water which means that Lybia will become one of the largest food producers in the world.

Don't let the new world order bomb Kadaffy's water system.

The new world order has never been able to bribe, blackmail or threaten Kaddafy. He takes care of his people AND he guards the underground antiquities until such time as the world has evolved enough to use them properly.”

…In the 1960s during oil exploration deep in the southern Libyan desert, vast reservoirs of high quality water were discovered in the form of aquifers. …

…In Libya there are four major underground basins, these being the Kufra basin, the Sirt basin, the Morzuk basin and the Hamada basin, the first three of which contain combined reserves of 35,000 cubic kilometres of water. These vast reserves offer almost unlimited amounts of water for the Libyan people.


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