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Fri  Mar 11, 2011

Subject: New Obama Youth Plan   

As long as the evil is happening "over there" and we do not experience it personally or see it, we will tend to deny it as "it can't happen here", "I don't believe it, and "it ain't true". There are many, many people who are aware and are telling us what is happening now, here, in America. If you learned anything about the rise of Hitler, you will remember a VERY similiar pattern happening in America today.
A very carismatic leader came forward, recruiting brutes into governmant service, appointing czars in charge of government departments, creating division among the people (against Jews and non-Aryin people's in Germany. Against whites and anyone who has more than we do in America), recruiting an organization of youth who were turned against their own people and families, and eventually violence against those who disagreed.
Remember E.M. House's statement, "We must learn to couch our ideas in terms acceptable to reasonable men." Obama is exceptional in his ability to couch his ideas in terms acceptable to the general public. His State of Union speech is a good example. He even had my head going up and down.
The massage below is hostile to the anti-American and unconstitutional activites now happening in America and more specifically by Obama's minions. Not all of the authors message is accurate in detail, but the message is right on. If you will not read the history yourself and compare it to current events, then at least accept the message from those WHO HAVE READ THE HISTORY and are telling you that the path we are going down is the same as the one that other countries have gone down before. IT WILL BE UGLY and you will not be left untouched.
central African nations
Iran, Iraq
The "-istan" countries

and many, many more.
and Now in the throws of decline
Saudi Arabia
How many peoples have to lose their freedoms before you realize your freedom is at risk. Feedom has no allies, no friends. It can only and forever be maintained by the viligence of the people who have it, No one else can or will protect your freedom but you. When it is gone, you will never see it a gain – ever. Dictators have ever been and will ever be grasping for more power over people. It is the nature of the bullies among us.
If you see value here, pass it on.
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Remember my report on the dangers of Obama's "National Service Plan" in which he targets our kids for indoctrination to "serve" the Gov? Here ya go…this is materializing faster then I thought it would. See what they want to use these kids FOR. Then see why we should NEVER allow the government to step in and force servitude to the government (which is slavery and it is unconstitutional)  no matter what carrot they dangle before them. When a vast majority of the "education" these kids are receiving today amounts to no more then indoctrination to SERVE a socialist regime..we have to step back and ask ourselves just what is that 'education" worth in terms of the future of our kids? 


Marxist Senators vow to Create Official Dictatorship

TSA, Youth Corps Now Officially part of Obama Gestapo

Now comes the enforcement arms of the Obama regime’s control over us all.  
The Obama Gestapo is taking many forms.  
One of these forms manifests itself in the militaristically marching students in the “Obama Youth Corps.”  In The Obama Youth Corps Parts 1 and 2 (see references below), Obama is interviewed regarding “his” corps of mobilized youth.  In the interview, Obama says it’s a “war.”  A war against whom?  In the same interview, Obama encourages these mobilized and militaristic youth to join FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).  FEMA?  FEMA was never before a militant organization but, was created and then used to address helping people in times of disasters.  No more.  From Obama’s own mouth, it will now be used to fight some strange and dark Obama war.  And why were FEMA camps across the country recently refurbished and military Ads placed for people to guard whomever is going to be placed in them? 
Concentration Camps
Internment Camps
FEMA Camps
Sound familiar????
Again, Obama is at war against whom? 
In one of Obama’s advertisements to inveigle our nation’s young people into joining his “cause,” the words “I am change.  I’ve been around since the beginning of time” occur at least twice.  Considering Obama’s early training and the communist and/or prurient natures of most of his unelected Czars, these words are very important.  The very first messenger of change was Lucifer who persuaded Adam and Eve to “change” from obeying God to following his ‘logical’ instructions—a decision that ultimately placed mankind into the precarious position it now finds itself.  Obama’s mentor and guide in both ideology and community organizing, Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer.  Or, as the Rolling Stones wrote in their cut “Sympathy for the Devil”:  “I stuck around St. Petersburg, when I saw it was a time for a change.  Killed the Czar and his ministers, Anastasia screamed in vain.  Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.  But, what’s confusing you is just the nature of my game.”  Within the past 2 years, millions of US citizens woke up and are no longer confused by the nature of Obama & Co’s game.  Change certainly has been around since the beginning of time.  Are you still wondering against whom Obama is waging his war?  It certainly isn’t against any real terrorists
As we have seen recently, Obama & Co is now openly, without trying to hide its intent, using the misnamed “Transportation Security Administration” to intimidate and force non-Muslim/non-minority US citizen-travelers into getting used to being completely oppressed via sexual groping techniques;  techniques that are also being regularly used on young children to prepare them, while they’re still young, for a lifetime of being submissive to all government totalitarian demands
I have written multiple columns on the suppressive Gestapo techniques now being employed by the ObamaGov’s TSA.  Recently, however, this Gestapo enforcement arm of the ObamaGov has stepped up its tyrannical activities.  TSA agents are now including in their “to-do lists” not only sexual groping and intimidation but the handcuffing and dragging of non-Muslim/non-minority women (who do not submit to having their breasts felt and squeezed) across airport floors—in full view of other passengers.  Claire Hirschfield was planning to fly out of Austin, TX airport to visit family at Christmas.  Hirschfield has a pacemaker device in her chest for epileptic seizures and had asked for a pat-down rather than going through the X-ray scanner.  Concerned about the scanners and the groping and squeezing of her breasts, Hirschfield said she experienced a problem with groping at another airport during Thanksgiving and had explained her situation, days before she planned to fly, to Mike Scott—the ABIA Director of Security.  Hirschfield said that Scott told her not to worry and “No such thing will happen to you here in Austin, ma’am.”  But, it did—and it was far worse than Hirschfield could have possibly anticipated.
A rape survivor, Hirschfield asked not to have her breasts squeezed and told the female agent “I’m not going to have my breasts felt” to which the agent replied “Yes you are!”  Hirschfield asked to speak with Security Director Scott and was denied.  She then told the TSA agents (who were then joined by 3 police officers due to Hirschfield’s non-compliance with the Obama/Napolitano “required” TSA sexual gropings) that she was an American citizen, had paid for her flight and was entitled to take it.  The police then told her that SHE was breaking the law—for not complying with the commanded TSA sexual gropings—, threw her to the floor, dragged her across the airport, threw her into a wheelchair and told her she would be taken to jail.  
Hirschfield began to experience an epileptic seizure and was, subsequently, taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.  She has also been banned from the airport.  Good-bye 4th Amendment.  It was nice knowing you. 
Note: No major US ObamaMedia sources reported on this story.  But, the rest-of-the-world media has picked it up.  Still wonder against whom the ObamaWar is being waged?  It’s against We-the-People…but, only one segment of that group.  Has the African Marxist Oligarchy now fully arrived and settled down in the USA?  One thing that is certain is that we are now living under the dictatorial Obama Police State and each and every day it becomes worse, more pronounced and more suppressive.  The American Stalin is alive and well, living in Washington D.C.

Oh…and by the way…to add insults to the injuries already visited upon the American people, Marxist Party Senate leader Harry Reid, with the urging and support of labor unions and other assorted anti-US groups, has decided to—once again—change the Senate rules to disallow Republicans the filibuster and to bypass and overrule the American voters—once again.  One way or another the Marxist Party leaders plan to install a full and working dictatorship that the American people will not be able to change.  Still wondering against whom Obama is waging his war?  I didn’t think so.    

.. this will allow the TSA to become the (communist-union-led) army that Obama has long sought to obtain.
Now consider Obama’s and George Soros’ (very well documented) long-term, close and favorable ties to worldwide, anti-American Communists, Socialists, Marxists and Maoists.  Through their vast Network of radical ties, it is quite probable that our government is now be being directed by Communist Russia and/or China, who just this week dropped the US dollar and signed a frightening communist alliance pact.

So with these mechanisms in place, Obama (a well-documented communist) and George Soros (a well-documented socialist who has toppled many national regimes) can now much more easily achieve their goal of transforming America into a new Communist territory in a One World Socialist, New World order.
Airport Searches Now, Rail and Subway Searches Next
WELCOME TO THE NEW NAZI POLICE STATE- Get Screened at Sporting Events, Malls, etc.
Elderly Woman Describes Sexual Assault By TSA
TSA Pulls a Man's Pants Down in Front of Laughing Public and Gropes his Testicles
TSA OUT OF CONTROL: Woman Slammed to Floor; Another Forced to Cut off Nipple Rings; Man's Pants Dropped to Floor in Public.
Retired Teacher and Cancer Survivor Left Covered in Urine after TSA Patdown
The Alternative media just now getting what this is really about…if you go back to my earlier reports you will see where I revealed the portable busses that are loaded with equipment to diagnose people based upon BEHAVIOR. In my earlier reports on the TSA you will also see where I expressed grave concerns when they revealed they were relying heavily upon "behaviors" as a reason to suspect, detain, and arrest people. SEE what one of those TSA "behavioral" agents DID and TELL me if we need to allow this insanity to go one bit further?? 
TSA Behavior Detection Officer Kidnaps, Rapes Woman
TSA Agent Arrested for Sexual Assaut and Rape

That is the "thought police" folks. THis is "Minority Report" come to REAL life. There is no way around admitting that they are taking us into a very dangerous zone of policing our thoughts and using this equipment as the ruse to TARGET any individual they want. They have already used OUR tax dollars to build these systems in which they will have nut cases in there who are being trained to probe, and psychologically harass every person going to a public event, getting on public transportation, and going into any public building. THIS is what a policed state gives us when we have a traitor communist at the helm of our country. 
The video they reveal below is the same one I already shared with our group..if you did not watch it back then watch it now and see why we need to pull the plug on the implementation of the soviet style gestapo they are creating right now in the US. 
 As part of Homeland Security’s complete takeover of society, at future Super Bowls, TSA agents will get to interrogate you at special checkpoints which will use “physiological” and “behavioral” tests to determine if you’re a terrorist or a criminal.

“Everyone entering the stadium must pass through a magnetometer, such as those used at airports, and get a pat down as part of the screening process. The majority of fans will enter through checkpoints on the east side of Cowboys Stadium,” reported the Dallas Star-Telegram on Friday.
Big Sis seized upon the spectacle of the Super Bowl to saturate the public with the inherently fascist public-private partnership which has given birth to the “See Something, Say Something monstrosity, the citizen snitch program that has wiped away any doubt that America is now a rotting banana republic.

The video below explains howFuture Attribute Screening Technology” (FAST) checkpoints will conduct “physiological” and “behavioral” tests in order to weed out suspected terrorists and criminals.
The clip shows individuals who attend “security events” being led into trailers before they are interrogated as to whether they are terrorists while lie detector-style computer programs analyze their physiological responses. The subjects are asked about their whereabouts, and if they are attempting to smuggle bombs or recording devices into the “expo,” proving that the technology is intended to be used at public events and not just airports. Individuals who do not satisfy the first lie detector-style test are then asked “additional questions”.
The fact that Homeland Security’s own internal reports list supporting political candidates like Ron Paul, flying US flags, owning gold, displaying political bumper stickers, or owning firearms as signs of behavioral malintent that could be linked to terrorism or extremism tells you all you need to know about how FAST checkpoints could be used to snag political dissidents who commit the thought crime of believing they still had any rights under the US Constitution that Janet Napolitano is gleefully ripping to shreds.

Now see why we have to fight like heck to protect our kids from ALL of this indoctrination lest we wish to see our children become just like Hitler's Youth. It's Time to kick out all threats to our children IN their schools once and for all. Say no to UNESCO, NO to United Nations, NO to any program links to the hundreds of socialist groups tied to George Soros.
"MUST VIEW" FOR ALL PARENTS: Radical Communist, Van Jones, Sex Perverts, Stoners, Felons, Marxists, Maoists and Socialists May Be Teaching Your Kids Daily in a Captured Environment in Their Schools on Channel One News. See What Your Children are Viewing!! YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!!

Communist White House Green Czar, Van Jones' Communist Manifesto describes how recruiting youth is an essential element to a communist overthrow of capitalism. 

LET'S SHUTDOWN CABLE ONE NEWS! Call Your School Superintendent. Write Your Governor and Congress.

US School Book Glorifies Communists, including Van JonesNorm Chomsky andElla Baker.
GOVERNMENT-MANDATED COMMUNIST TRAINING IN SCHOOLS: Wisconsin Children to be Taught (Doctored) Union Labor History in Schools (1m 30s into video)
Marxist Video in Your Kids Schools Created by the Tides Foundation (Connected to ACORN). More on the topic.
US Department of Education Appears to Be Mandating 10th Graders Read "The Communist Manifesto" as Part of the 2009 No Child Left Behind Program
Obama is Indoctrinating our School Kids with the Writings of Communist/Marxist, Saul Alinsky123456
Communist LA Teacher Ron Gochez is Helping Illegals Evade Capture
Obama on Education: Race to the Bottom
Communist Indoctrination on Full Display in Chicago Schools at a "Social Justice Student Expo"
Moonbattery Highlights Three Communist School Indoctrination Examples:
– Chicago Schools Communist Indoctrination
– California Schools & Communist China
– The Progressive War Against Charter Schools
"Healthy, Happy and Hot" Planned Parenthood Brouchure Provided to Girl Scouts
VERY DISTURBING: Tax Dollars Funding Communist Indoctrination for 6- and 9-Year-Olds
School Requires Permission Slips to Recite Pledge of Allegiance
Obama Recruiting 8-Year-Olds for His Private Army
George Soros-Funded Planned Parenthood Wants Intensive Sex Education for Kids as Young as 10
Think about pathetic is it that we to place "content warning" for ADULTS when covering issues that ahve to do with the "Safe School Czar" Obama put in place over our kids education? 
Congress Members Ask Obama to Remove Pedophile "Safe School" Czar. Audio Recordings of Jennings Discussing Oral Sex and Fisting with 14-Years-Olds arehere. Content warning.
Texas Ed Board's Role in Halting Communism in the USA. Listen to Democrats Attempt to Promote Socialists and Communists and Undermine US Sovereignty
Public Schools Get Communist Curriculum. Public School Districts in Washington State and California Agreed to Allow China’s Communist Regime to Conduct US Classroom Programs
Changing US History and Teaching Misinformation in Public Schools: Why We Must Focus on Texas Text Books
California Public College Creating Scholarship Specifically for Illegal Immigrants
Public School Teachers Sue to Reinstate Communist Organization, La Raza ("The Race") Studies
Taxpayer Money Goes to Teaching Kids How to Take Ecstasy
Obama's Next Takeover: Schools
Progressive Memphis Mayor is Attempting to Create a $15 Million School Police Force with Power to Shoot Kids
Communist Indoctrination for Children:
UPDATE – 11 new video’s surface of kids made to sing to Obama in public school
Obama repeatedly insists, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” To implement “solidarity among all oppressed people – working class people, People of color, women, queer people – in the fight for total liberation from all systems of oppression”, Obama needs an infrastructure and local “socialist cops” on every corner. Here is the (currently benign-looking) infrastructure that can put “socialist cops” on every corner: And Obama wants kids to serve for one year after school.

Key questions for every American: Why do we need acivilian national security force as powerful as the military? Does this literally mean the national security force is meant to protect the government from civilians?

School Indoctrination: "I am Obama Scholar"
Want Federal Grant for School?… Gotta' Learn Islam
George Soros' Latest Attack on Education


First ObamaCare, Now ObamaEd

Obama’s Budget Combines Civilian, Military War Funds Feb 2011

Go back to 2010…see this report.. Here is the military industrial complex falling right into line… with Obama's civilian army plan. Note this invasion into military areas by civilians  started with BUSH too… Bush's "civiliians" were Haliburton crooks and thugs. Obama plans to use our kids as those future "civilians" in military duty just like Hitler did. 
Most observers of Afghanistan say the war doesn’t have a prayer if the U.S. can’t send a cadre of civilian experts — diplomats, engineers, farmers — to rebuild Afghanistan. But on Friday, the diplomat in charge of building that force quietly resigned. Uh oh.
John E. Herbst, a 31-year veteran diplomat, has been the State Department’s coordinator for reconstruction and stabilization since 2006. Set up by the Bush administration in 2004, his office, known as S/CRS, sought to create precisely that legion of civilian reconstruction experts to send abroad when crisis strikes
Danger Room has learned that despite building the so-called Civilian Response Corps up from a handful of diplomats, Friday was Herbst’s last day on the job. Ambassador Robert Geert Loftis, who helped negotiate the 2008 accord to get U.S. troops out of Iraq, started yesterday as S/CRS’s acting coordinator; State’s website just announced the leadership change today.
But there’s a question mark around the future of the corps and the office. Not only has it been poorly funded, it’s been a bureaucratic orphan, underutilized in actual crises like Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti
“It’s not nearly enough to make much of a dent compared to other agencies with more personnel and bigger budgets,” says Robert Lamb, a reconstruction expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Experts expect that an internal State Department and USAID study due later this year, the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, will recommend a big restructuring.

Herbst dealt with a lot of challenges as S/CRS’s second chief. Although the Bush administration created the office in 2004, Congress didn’t really fund it until 2008, hobbling its goal of creating a standing interagency crew of governance, agriculture and building experts ready to operate overseas.
Since then, Herbst pulled together what’s become an $800 million effort that claims around 1100 federal civilian employees. But in reality, only about 300 of them can deploy at any given time, fewer than two U.S. Army companies. And while the corps has sent civilians to Afghanistan, Congo and Sudan, the State Department’s powerful regional bureaus, special envoys and embassies have largely sidestepped it.
Take Afghanistan. In the Obama administration’s much-hyped “civilian surge,” corps members have helped the U.S. embassy and the military write a key planning document last year. But Herbst has complained that it’s been otherwise ignored. American diplomacy and development work in conflict areas remains largely a military job. In Afghanistan, U.S. infantrymen politic with local potentates on reconstruction projects. The Army is thinking about bolstering troops’ negotiation skills on the expectation that the civilian diplomats will stay at home.
“I woudn’t say the experiment failed,” says CSIS’s Lamb, “but it certainly got off to a bad start — and at this point will need a thorough rethinking of its role and its place in the bureaucracy.

See also: 
This is what happens when a country is dragged into an undeclared, unconstitutional war, agains a nameless, faceless, enemy. You set the precedent for never ending wars and indefinite occupation. When a country has never ending wars..that are still ongoing… it greatly matters when reality tells the people they will eventually need fresh bodies for those never ending wars. Obama's Service to the state plan mandates these kids get military training. Like I said a long time ago in my report on Obama's National Service Plan as compared to Hitler's Youth Programs… he is on that SAME path whereas Hitler nabbed the youth of his country to be indoctrinated to him starting with his youth groups. It all started as "Voluntary" with Hitler's programs and quickly moved to mandatory in less then 3 years. If parents didn't want their kids serving Hitler..too bad..Hitler just took their kids.  Which is exactly how Obama's Service Plan was originally drafted -to be MANDATORY.  I also warned that because they were holding diplomas as ransom for the so-called "voluntary' involvement in Obama's forced service plan that the schools themselves would become enforcers of that service to the state without any such mandate. See how they are locking up kids and parents over truancy and think about what they will do to kids who refuse to serve the state when the loss of school funds are tied to their lack of involvement. 
Bottom line, for the fate of those precious kids is this..Hitler eventually took those kids and he threw them INTO his never ending WARS and they died cruel deaths at terribly young ages. This is what enslavement under a dictatorship brings to the people. This is what happens when a country does NOT protect it's youth from indoctrination that os training them to be slaves in the future instead of teaching them their rights to be free to also hold a government of tyranny accountable. A terrible history of horrific atrocities repeats itself. 
It is time to stand up FOR our kids once and for all and demand they learn their real rights, demand they learn a true civics class, and the real history of our country to make sure we truly secure the future of this country by knowing it will be filled with educated citizens who know how valuable the sovereignty and constitution of this country is.
Take care, be well, and stay informed
God bless, Pamela



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