Top 4 Silver Articles – Silver Rocket Taking Off

 Bix Weir

Thur  Mar 24, 2011

Subject: $6,000 Silver and One Bank

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Well my friends, looks to me like the Silver Rocket has just left the launch pad. Busting through $36/oz is a big deal especially with the Commitment of Traders looking bullish and the March 28th CFTC Comment deadline for Position Limit ruling. If you aren't "ALL IN" by now you may be out of luck for YEARS to come trying to get your hands on the real stuff.








The decades long manipulation of the price of silver may END any day now and NOBODY knows how high the price must go to "clear the market"…$100?…$800?…$10,000??!!











Nobody really knows but clearly the message is getting out that the ONLY way to survive the coming economic chaos is by holding precious metals and there is no better story than the Silver Story…
Melt The Witch (Updated)

$6,000 Silver and ONE BANK!
Everybody Loves Silver!

So don't be surprised to wake up next week to a Silver price gyrating wildly towards the heavens as the market tries to determine what the REAL "Fair Market Value" of Silver is.
For Silver investors…our time has arrived.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road!
Bix Weir













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