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 Bix Weir

Wed  Mar 23, 2011

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Bix Weir
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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

– Thomas Jefferson


It seems "We The Sheeple" have been asleep for the last 60 years in America. We went to bed soon after WWII and woke up in a land that we do not recognize. We are financially and morally bankrupt, engaged in senseless wars around the world, invading the privacy our citizens, completely shredding our US Constitution and all the while sucking the last bit of Liberty from once free AMERICAN CITIZENS. We have totally forgotten who we are.

Just watch this cartoon from 1948…


For close to 100 years the United States of America has been at war with a group of bankers and power brokers who's goal it was to take over all aspects of our lives. In doing so they would be able to steer us in whatever direction they thought would most benefit their own self serving goals. One of their major drivers was their determination that with a rapidly growing population the natural resources of the world would eventually run out and we would all have to suffer. If they were to decrease the population they could prolong the natural limitations on human consumption and create a smaller human population that would be much more manageable and easier to control.

In order to implement this "master plan" it would take the buy-in of many facets of our society including businesses, the media, other governments around the world, the military, the education system, the health and human services systems and many others. They mainly used power and influence (Plan A) to convert people towards their cause but at other times they relied on threats and force (Plan B). For those who resisted, the common response was…"If you resist our most generous offer we will destroy you and yours." For most people that was enough for them to turn to the Dark Side. As for those who continued to resist, such as JFK, there was murder and cover-up (Plan C).

After 911 a very secretive group of people which I call "The Good Guys" decided that enough was enough. Together with many nations around the world, the Good Guys are in the process of destroying those that have ruled us for so long. The means of their destruction was to give the Bad Guys enough financial leeway and avenues for them to destroy themselves.

So for the past 30 years the Bad Guys have been using and abusing the financial system for their own benefit at a reckless and furious pace never realizing that they were sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Hundreds of trillions of pseudo financial instruments were created called "derivatives" that really have no intrinsic value at all. They are merely "side bets" on tangible assets that are multiplied by the trillions and counted as "assets" on the banks balance sheets (as well as off their balance sheets in "Special Purpose Entities").

Given the leveraged nature of our financial banking system, some of the "safer derivatives" were used as Tier 1 capital on the balance sheets. Having more Tier 1 capital allowed banks to create even more fractional money to invest in even more derivatives slicing off what they deemed as the safest portion to count as more Tier 1 capital. Round and round it went until the dollar volumes got completely out of hand.

In 2007 the "value" of all these monetary instruments was called into question by the Good Guys and thus the crash began. Banks were imploding left and right as their Tier 1 capital shrank forcing them to sell off toxic assets at an ever increasing pace. This, of course, fueled further price drops as the GREAT DE-LEVERAGE gained momentum.

Finally, the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank pulled out all the stops and flooded the global banking system with enough cash to build a large enough "cash levy" to stop the mighty toxic flow of sludge…but the sludge remains and the levy was not built to last forever.

Now the GREAT DE-LEVERAGE must resume.


So here's my latest TIMELINE for this transition. I will not give specific dates (because I'm always off on the dates!) but I will give you my framework as to what to expect during the transition.

Beginning the Transition 2011:

1st Half of 2011.

CONGRESS: The new "US Congress" will ultimately force the crash by not significantly raising the debt ceiling thus causing the default on the US Dollar. They are also in position to reject the next round of bankster bailouts. All the Bad Guy Congressmen will have to go along or be exposed as the traitors that they truly are.

STATE GOVERNMENTS: Since the US States can't print their own money (yet) to get out of their fiscal jams they are leaning on "austerity measures" that will boil the blood of the working class. "What? No more free lunch? How come the Banksters got a free lunch?" Can you hear them? If you can't now you will in the VERY near future!

WIKILEAKS: The release of secret bankster emails will wreak havoc on the credibility of some of the largest banks in the US (BofA may be the target). The rumors are these leaks will reveal that the MORTGAGE FRAUD mess was done intentionally by the Banksters to line their own pockets. This will begin the ANGER phase of the transition.

CFTC & POSITION LIMITS: The CFTC will implement the position limits as they are currently proposed. It's no silver bullet but it is enough to handcuff JPM enough when the ATTACK ON SILVER begins by the good guys (with the help of China). The end of March may be that "Come to Jesus" moment for the banking cabal. The timing is in line with EVERYTHING else.

HYPER INFLATION: There will be targeted bouts with hyper inflation as food and commodity prices are driven higher by the market rigging programs. This is a "lesson to be learned" by the populace due to the massive monetary stimulus programs. Once WE THE PEOPLE see the rampant inflation we will not only support but demand that Congress end the continual money printing.

CHINA: At some point China will play their part by economically attacking the US with purchases of gold and silver breaking the backs of the Bad Guys. The US will deem them a "currency manipulator" and Globalization will abruptly END.

COMPUTER TRADING GOES HAYWIRE: The Good Guy and Bad Guy computer market riggers are going to clash in an epic cyber-battle. Prices in every market will swing wildly both up and down in ways never seen before. This will cast doubt on the entire concept of computer trading and ultimately destroy the market trading mechanism.

WE THE PEOPLE: We have awoken from a VERY long slumber. Although most of the people of the world cannot explain how our corrupt financial system runs…they now know that it is evil and Congress will be called upon to put an END to it once and for all. This is a time of AWAKENING and the people are now READY.

The Crash

Sometime in 2011

At one moment in the very near future there will be a crash like never before seen in mankind's VERY brief electronic financial history. At that moment the entire world of global commerce will be STOPPED in it's tracks. No markets will trade, no banks will be open, no exchanges will be transacted and there will be very little information about what is happening. It will be as if the earth stood still. Everybody will fear that they have lost EVERYTHING…and they will…at least every asset that they held in the electronic financial system.

This is a necessity in order to "start fresh". We must wash away all the SHADOW BANKING MONEY or the "Bad Guys" will regroup and attack again. All electronic wealth must and will be destroyed.

The exact timing of this event is unknown but this moment will be remembered for hundreds of years into the future. At that very moment we MUST take back the controls of our monetary system from the Banksters. This is that defining moment where WE will either let the Bad Guys take complete control of our lives and destiny or WE will stand up and say NO MORE!

Here is what I BELIEVE…WE THE PEOPLE are on the threshold of taking BACK the reigns of our financial future. The crash of 2008 was the long awaited alarm clock ringing loudly. We have been learning lessons for the past few years and we are now READY to face our captors armed with knowledge and the backing of the US Congress.


Watch this and think about the LAST time we were AWAKE in the above 1948 cartoon…will we fall back to sleep or will we FINALLY stand up and FIGHT?



Draw your swords and enter the battle.

It is up to ALL OF US to take back our country and our lives.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS – Have you seen our new money?!

The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill


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