Top 10 UFO Sightings – 13 Crystal Skulls Coming Together – Kiesha Crowther

 Kiesha Crowther

Sat  Mar 26, 2011

Subject:  The Great Shift is Coming

  These Video Clips with Kiesha Crowther cause anger in some people.  A few of us, understand what Kiesha is saying.


This is a video of profound truth. It smacks against modern religion in some ways but it truly and in depth shows and speaks of what Christ truly taught that so many do not see. It gives the one great key to the saving of mankind and earth. For those of you who can listen to this video from the heart and turn off your brain while you listen. You will know the truths that this video imparts. This was the true truth religion of all the people of this earth before the days of Adam. Before recorded history.   


   Kiesha says that the Pole Shift has already begun. 

   Do not give in to fear. 

   There will be a couple of days with full darkness.  Gather those people whom you love, around you.  Come from love. 

   Major energy sources are arriving on the earth already.  The earth has a solid core.  The core is surrounded by flowing lava.  The crust of the earth rests on the lava layer. 

   Heaven on Earth is on the other side of the " Pole Shift. " 

   In short intervals, new energies are arriving on the earth.  We get to digest these energies. 

   We are the people who will Live through the Pole Shift.  By design and by choice, we are upon the earth now.   

   We must stop living from our heads.  We must live with love, from our hearts. 

   The End of the World is coming, that is the front end of a New Earth… 


An excellent narration on the millenial space of time in this earths future. Hopeful, bright.


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