Top 2 CIA Assets – Barry Soetoro and Kaddafi Oil Thieves

 Paul Drockton and Lame Cherry

Sun  Mar 20, 2011

Subject: CIA World Leaders – Oil Thieves   

   Obama Tanning means that Barry Soetoro is quietly involved in stealing the assets from countries all over the world.


The Real Obama African Policy

"If you have not noticed, the Obama colonials have been busy dividing up the continent of Africa and turning it into Obama Tan Land.

This blog has been exclusively exposing this, as the Obama conglomerates have been intent to buy up lands and resources in the third world on the George Soros manifesto of the feudal lords and the slaves they exploit.

The Belgium Congo, which is not the Rothschild Congo is but a series of nations in Africa going Obama Tan.

Robert Mugabe of Rhodesia was on his Khadaffi way out, but cut a deal in which he handed over all his nothingness to the Obama benefactors a few years ago and survives as their despot in rapine.

This is what was behind Egypt, as she is a major market and was the pro American ally of the region as a the western door to stop the Islamocommunists. Obama and his cartel have changed all of this now and it is a matter of one rotten communist regime after another being implemented as Obama undoes Ronald Reagan for his International Socialist Order.

As this blog was exclusively first to point out that Obama sent John Kerry into the Sudan to steal the southern oil fields in exchange for the Marxist Muslim butcher of the north not be hauled into European courts on Nazi crimes.

This Tan Print is the same farce being worked out in Libya, as reported here, Obama had his communists steal Khadaffi's eastern oil sector and when Obama's thugs did not murder Khadaffi, Khadaffi rose up, took his country back, so Obama had to bloody his hands in stealing back the Libyan oil.

Alone I informed the world that this was about oil piracy, and that Obama's "silence" was due to a deal had been worked out in which Khadaffi bribed what needed to be bribed, and has agreed to a Sudan type survival deal, where there will be no European courts, not blowing him to hell, and he too will be allowed under the NATO operation to send in mercenaries to butcher East Libya the was South Sudan has Muslim mercenaries making war on the people there.

This is Zbigniew Brzezinski, Madelyn Albright, Richard Holbrooke, Balkanization of the third world as they broke up Yugoslavia for the world powers to exploit.

It has now moved into Africa in force in creating these fiefdoms.

Do not forget these globalists put out a manifesto years ago that China was too large to manage and would have to be broken up too.

That is what is behind this Obama Tanning of Black Africa. It is pick your little despot, peal off the wealth asset regions and go on to plunder the rest of the world.

This is what Soros did in Georgia in driving Jewish competitors from there and what Soros is signing contracts with the Philistines over the West Bank as he acquires assets for the central Europeans from Muslims as Jews would require too big of a cut in their homeland.

This is Obama world disorder for colonial exploitation. I wonder where the NAACP, Louis Farrakhan and some kind of Black National Congress are in demanding an end to this enslavement of Africans and the world………but not one world from them, and do not expect Khadaffi or Mubarak to mention any of this now, as their heads are on the block with the platter awaiting if they expose this.

You may rule within the grand confines of the dirt under your rug as Obama Soros Rothschild own the souls of your nations……….

Tis the Age of Obama."





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