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Wed, Mar 23, 2011
Subject: The Return Of Precious Metals And Sound Money

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The Return Of Precious Metals And Sound Money


Well, those devious gold bugs and sound money advocates are at it again! They had the audacity to produce economic analysis that consistently outshines and embarrasses mainstream Keynesian pundits. They had the nerve to expose the seedy underpinnings of the private Federal Reserve. They even had the gall to bring the long established short manipulations of metals markets by global banks like JP Morgan and HSBC into the light of day, where anyone whose head was not buried in the dark recesses of their own colon could see and say "My god! There really is an organized cabal against gold and silver!" But if you thought all that was outrageous, these people, who promote the insane notion that our currency should actually be backed by tangible wealth and should be under the control of the voting public instead of some unaccountable parasitic corporate central bank, have now brought state legislators into the mix! The return to sound money has begun…


Thirteen states currently have proposed measures which would re-institute the long suppressed need for a precious metals standard. Utah is the furthest ahead in this battle, its House just recently passing a bill which would make gold and silver officially recognized as legal tender within its borders. All that remains is a signature from Utah's governor:


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