Tim Turner Solutions – Top 8 RuSA Answers for America

Wed  Apr 20, 2011
Subject: Top 8 RuSA Solutions for America

   Every Wed night " the Republic, " holds a National Conference call.  In the links below you can see and listen for yourself to the evidence that every one of us can participate in the solution to America's challenges. 

   On the Audio Link Republic President Tim Turner's comments begin at about 30min into the Conference Call.   

   As Free Man and Women on the land, we get to claim and exercise Liberty in every neighborhood.  County Jural Assemblies are being organized all over America

   Jim Fitzgerald, Kelby Smith, Billy Foust, Ken Cousens and Tim Turner offer sound instruction in the Wed Conference Call.

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APRIL 20, 2011    Republic National Conference Call 


Open Republic Call
Republic Call is Open to Public
Wednesdays 6:00 P.S.T. / 9:00 E.S.T.
Conf #:  (424) 203-8000
Code:  819054

   Tim Turner disclosed that many changes are about to occur for people who are a part of " the Republic. " 

        1 – Personal Income Tax will go away. 

        2 – We may be able to buy our gasoline at $1.50 a gallon, with the help of a new Energy Consortium

        3 – We won't tolerate dishonesty in Government.  Many DeFacto politicians have been stealing from " the people. " 

        4 – Federal Reserve may disappear soon.  Mortgage Debt and Auto Loan Debt and Credit Card Debt will all go away.

        5 – Unlawful laws will be removed from the books.  Men and women in the prisons unlawfully will be released. 

        6 – Many corrections will be made to the existing DeFacto system.  Local common law, will be put in place in America.

        7 – America will be a Super Power again, as a Lender Nation rather than a Debtor Nation. 

        8 – Self Government is under way.  The Republic Senate and Republic House are working on solutions now. 

   These changes are more than 150 years overdue.   

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