New Madrid Quake – FEMA National Level Exercise 2011

Alexandra Bruce
Mon  Apr 18, 2011
Subject:  FEMA New Matrid Quake Natinal Exercise 2011 

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

VIDEO: FEMA National Level Exercise 2011: New Madrid Fault Earthquake

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Several weeks ago, a subscriber sent me his psychic
vision about a 9.96 quake would strike the New Madrid
Fault area and physically rip the US in half, plunging
the Mississippi Delta States under an 800-foot tsunami,
causing Lake Michigan to run into the greatly-expanded
Gulf of Mexico and plunging the US East and West Coasts
beneath hundreds of feet of ocean, up to 300 miles inland
from their current shorelines. He predicted 100 million
dead from this unfathomable catastrophe. This was
predicted to happen before the end of April.

Needless to say, we're still here.

However, FEMA has been preparing for months doing
response exercises, as if something like this prediction
were actually happening sometime in May of this year.
These are being done on the centennial of the most
powerful earthquakes in US history, which occurred
along the New Madrid fault.

There's been a massive amount of rumor around this,
so I thought it pertinent to at least note the official
version of these imminent potential events.

For the Full FEMA press release and accompanying video,
plus the full text of the subscriber's catastrophic
prediction, which was supposed to take place before
the end of April 2011, please click on the link below."
(Please note that I do not endorse any apocalypse).


– Alexandra

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