The Great Lie – The Real American Way

John Trudell
Sat, Apr 30, 2011
Subject: Mining Our Minds for the Machine  

John Trudell – Mining our Minds For The Machine

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John Trudell is a Native American author, poet, actor, musician, and former political activist. He was the chairman of the American Indian Movement for most of the 1970s and the spokesperson for the takeover of Alcatraz.

In 1979, his mother-in-law, pregnant wife (Tina Manning), and three children were killed in a fire at their home in Nevada. 

It occurred within 12 hours of his burning a flag on the steps of the FBI building in Washington DC. He viewed it as an act of war meant to silence him and his outspoken wife.

 My studies have brought me to this Basic concept. Perhaps my ancestors were wrong, perhaps for centuries. 
War is not GODS way, It think it is time to end the madness. Perhaps a NEW WAY might be to end the control.
Return to the reality of the land. And treat the planet like a living being. Slow down , think love ,enjoy and savor
the beauty we pass daily.

If this video clip does not move you , your losses are greater than wealth. 


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