Top 3 Agendas that Control the World – Lindsey Williams Video

Lindsey Williams – Rodney Ballance

Fri  April 29, 2011 

Subject: Oil is the Currency of the World  

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Lindsey Williams : The name of the Game is CONTROL not Money


Pastor Lindsey Williams : "This is not a conspiracy , this is an agenda" " there are three agendas in the world today the NWO agenda the Islamic agenda and the Christian agenda says Pastor Lindsey Williams… " The standard currency of the world is crude oil , it is not the dollar ,Gold and silver are the currency of the elite If you think they are expensive now you have not seen nothing yet , Gold will go to $3000 , $4000 an ounce and silver will go to $50 , $100 an ounce .Crude Oil Going to $200 a barrel  

Lindsey Williams – Middle East Crisis 3 DVD Set – March 2011 – The Middle East The Rest of The Story

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Middle East: The Rest of the Story – The Entire Three DVD Set – by Lindsey Williams. This is the actual three DVD set that was shipped in March 2011. This video contains the entire three DVD set together and is about two and a half hours long. The Topics include: The Middle East Crisis. Future Price of Crude Oil. Future Price of Gasoline and Diesel. Future Grocery Prices. Explosive Growth to US Crude production. Elite Plans through 2012. China and the US. The Future of Islam. Riots in the Middle East. And Other Information never told before. These are the DVDs promoted on radio shows that Lindsey Williams appeared on such as the Alex Jones Show.

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Lindsey Williams Exclusive: Nwo to Target Iran & Saudi Arabia Next, Oil to Hit $200 a Barrel

February 22nd, 2011

Alex welcomes to the show ordained Baptist minister Lindsey Williams. Lindsey will reveal on the Alex Jones Show today new groundbreaking information about the plans of the global elite. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain of the Alyeska Pipeline Company, Williams has been privy to the plans of the elite for years. Last year Williams predicted the price of oil would go up significantly and the market has since skyrocketed, most recently in response to the outbreak of engineered revolution and violence in the Middle East, developments also revealed to Williams by the global elite. Alex also covers the latest breaking news and takes your calls during the show.

(Excerpt) Listen to Video Parts 1 – 5 at the link…


Lindsey Williams & Bob Chapman: Egypt Conflict by Design & Oil, Gold, Silver To Go Much Higher!

January 29th, 2011

Lindsey Williams, who has revealed the plans of the elite to bankrupt America. Bob Chapman, publisher of the International Forecaster, makes his regular Friday appearance. Alex runs down the latest news and takes your calls.
Part 1 of 2


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Investors flee greenback; silver hits all-time high, gold sets new record!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011 7:02;_silver_hits_all-time_high,_gold_sets_new_record.html

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Silver soared to an all-time high on Thursday and gold rose to another record, as a falling dollar and signs that the Federal Reserve would maintain a loose monetary policy boosted precious metals’ appeal as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

Silver briefly climbed to within a whisker of $50 an ounce, eclipsing the peak hit when Texan brothers William Hebert and Nelson Bunker Hunt sought to corner the silver market three decades ago. The metal later pulled back on technical selling.

“Yesterday’s speech from the Fed was an acknowledgment of the continuing of the strategy by the Fed and Washington … to monetize our debt, and basically to devalue the dollar,” said Robert Lutts, chief investment officer of Cabot Money Management, which oversees more than $500 million in client assets.


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