Top 5 Foreclosure Solutions – RuSA is Saving America

Republic for the united States
Wed, May 4, 2011
Subject: Stopping Foreclosure with Lawful Process

   Links to 2 RuSA conference calls are posted here.  May 4th and May 11th. 

   Every Wed night the RuSA holds a national Conference Call.  On May 4th and May 11th their discussion addressed the foreclosure fraud that is assaulting America.  At 6pm Pacific Time on Wednesdays you may call 1-424-203-8000  #819054   Anybody may listen in to these Conference Calls on Wednesdays.   

   You may find Foreclosure help at  or by emailing   Godsco represents Global Outreach Diversified Services. 

   It's difficult to make promises here.  We can no longer afford to be Spectators in America.  For you, it may be time for you to roll up your sleeves and get involved in the cause for Freedom.  Thomas Jefferson warned us that if we did not put a stop to the Bankers then a day would come, in America, that we may wake up homeless in the country our forefathers conquerred. 

    On May 4th, Kelby Smith was the moderator.  He used to be a Mortgage Broker.  Robert Zuluaga, David Rucker, Ken Cousens and Bob Schaeffer joined the conversation about how to save homes from Foreclosures.  These 5 men have solutions to the Foreclosure Fraud that is destroying America. 

   I took 6 pages of notes, from this Conferrence Call.  Below the links, I have done my best to share the intel from that Call.

Moderator Kelby Smith, Chief Justice; Ken Cousins, Supreme Court Justice; Robert Eugene Schaeffer, & Senator; David Rucker.  Discussion topic was foreclosure remedy and land patents. 

Republic Call is Open to Public   May 4th Call
Wednesdays 6:00 P.S.T. / 9:00 E.S.T.
Conf #:  (424) 203-8000
Code:  819054

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Open Republic Call   May 11th Call
Republic Call is Open to Public
Wednesdays 6:00 P.S.T. / 9:00 E.S.T.
Conf #:  (424) 203-8000
Code:  819054

   On May 4th, a 10min Video Clip about the Declaration of Independence kicked off the Conference call. 

   Robert Zuluaga then opened the meeting with prayer.

   Kelby introduced the guests that would be participating in the discussion about Land Patents and Foreclosures; Chief Justice Ken Cousens, Bob Schaeffer, David Rucker and Robert Zuluaga. 

   Kelby told how " the Republic, " died in 1871. 

   David Rucker told how he was a successful investor with 18 properties and then the credit market collapsed.  America was having an Economic Boom and then it all came down.  Rucker said that he lost nearly everything.  He had to become a student of the Foreclosure game.  Many banks or loan servicing companies are verbally telling people that they may obtain a loan modification, but they plan all along to foreclose on properties. 

   Banks profit by foreclosing on properties.  It is their business to intimidate people out of their homes. 

        1 – When they first contact you about their intention to foreclose on you – Never Acknowledge a Debt.  Tell them that you are recording the call.  These silly people will try to scare us.  These people want our admissions and confessions, that we have a loan from them and/or that we have an account with them.  Never, Never, Never acknowledge that you have a loan.

        2 – Never consent to what they are doing.  These loan modification pretenders lie, a lot.  They are paid manipulators and liquidators.  Even when they claim that they want to work with you, don't. 

        3 – TPTB are out of money, up against a wall.  They want us to re-contract with them. 

   Bob Schaeffer told of how he has been using Land Patents to keep interlopers off his property.  Schaeffer told of the history behind land patents.  The General Land Office was supposed to hold land for people, in Trust.  Back then, people who received the land were supposed to perfect their land within 3 years. 

   DeFacto land grabbers have come against Schaeffer, but he has defeated them.  The Banksters sent their best people against Bob Schaeffer, but he beat them 5 times. 

   Schaeffer says, we must not comply with them.  We can usually win at the administrative level.  Even if we get a mortgage we must not give up our land rights. 

   Ken Cousens then spoke up on how we must stand on " the Law, " and " upon History. " 

   After so-called borrowers sign their Promisory Note, the note is paid off within 3 days.  When the so-called borrower begin making mortgage payments, they then have agreed to the lie, giving in. 

   TPTB do not have the right to do what they have been doing to us.  By agreement – non spoken contracts that we participate in, we are hooked in to their contracts. 

   Land in America is the collateral for the DeFacto Banksters.  We became the collateral for the DeFacto corporations that have hijacked America. 

   There are ways taht we can lift their jurisdiction off of the land.  In " our Republic, " we are the Free Holders of our Land.  We need to be more engaged in " the Law, " in " our Land, "  if we are to take our Land/Country back. 

   Dave Rucker spoke up saying that these issues present a huge learning curve for us.  Possession is 9/10 of the law.  A Notice of Trustee Sale is just an invitation for people to leave their property.  Don't abandon your property. 

   Every week people are committing suicide over the loss of their homes, in America. 

   Don't leave your home. 

   We have a right to do an Audit on who Holds the Note.  At  you may request an audit for your property. 

   Kelby Smith mentioned that we may use a Lawful Lien to keep the Banksters away from our property.  Kelby says that he has audio presentations on how to use Lawful Liens, if you will send him an email.  We have a right to serve notice to al the Title Companies that our property is protected by a Lien. 

   Ken Cousens claims that " until we object, there is no fraud. "  Go ahead and google " Novation, " and see what it says.  We have a right to re-draft our contracts. 

   There are ways to prove that TPTB minions are in commercial dishonor.  We must attack their fraud. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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2 Responses to “Top 5 Foreclosure Solutions – RuSA is Saving America”

  1. Ken Cousens says We have a right to re-draft our contracts. . Under the definition of Novation. We do have the right to re-draft our contracts only if the other side agrees. So this would prevent us from re-writing our notes for our current debt.

    • RJ says:

      Ken Cousens presents outstanding intel on Fridays, with me. People can take a look at to examine of ‘ the Republic, ‘ is for them.

      In this MorningLiberty website the ‘ Restore America Plan ‘ section has much more material that is directly related and indirectly related to the Republic.

      The Republic was abandoned back in 1871. It’s like the empty chair in the room. The Federal Reserve and IRS corporations are like houses of cards that are coming down. We don’t have to attack them.

      There is much good work to do, peacefully.

      Be Free, R J

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