Vatican Secrets – Satanic Symbolism in Every Corner

Sun, May 8, 2011
Subject: The Secret of Vatican 2012 

The Secret of Vatican 2012

Second part of World Secret ….find the clue in Santa Maria degli Angeli

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Uploaded by on Jul 20, 2008

The final movie about D.C Calendar based on gematria and hermetic symbols.
Please solve more using


THE SECRET OF Washington D.C 2- OBAMA is a Sign!

Uploaded by on Jan 26, 2009

Second part of the movie about Gematria Code in Washington D.C
Watch Think check…belive or not!



911 Secret symbols- New Age Dreamspell 2012

Uploaded by on Feb 2, 2009

Have You noticed all 911 symbols? Are you a 13 moon calendar follower? Do you know That New Age is a part of New World Order? No? So watch this….
Im not christian or any religion beliver…I Belive in Multidimensional Infinite Universe… There is a plan but you have to be prepared,,,,,



New Discovery about 14 October UFO event!

Uploaded by on Oct 16, 2008

Blossom Goodchild was brave that she gave a date 14 for public opinion! But her message wasnt correctly! She make misinterpretation… Most people are still on cave man level. On her LOVE they sent HATE! Now I saying that real date of multidimentional contact is 24-27 OCTOBER 2008. Not on primitive vibrations level!blame Osiris555 🙂



The Book of Revelation Is Happening NOW! You Must See This! The 7 Trumpets Are Blowing!

Uploaded by on Nov 8, 2008

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EXCLUSIVE! Pastor Gallups responds to Keith Olbermann, MSNBC! YouTube Preview Image

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The 7 Trumpets of Revelation are Blowing NOW! **UPDATED** 988 views in 3 weeks when updated on November 8, 2008.
ALL 7 TRUMPETS are REVEALED in this 10 minute clip! MODERN day events are fulfilling specific prophecies from the Book of Revelation…This is a clip from the ICHTHUS FILMS production of the 7 Trumpets of Revelation – This is 10 minute clip from the hour long documentary style film – focusing on the 7 Trumpets Prophecies of Revelation and how they are being fulfilled RIGHT NOW!

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