Top 5 Kissinger War Crimes – War Crime Watch is Counting

Mon  May 30, 2011

Subject: Kissinger Wanted for War Crimes


Accused of crimes against humanity, Henry Kissinger, former United States Secretary of State under Richard Nixon, and advisor to presidents and authoritarian governments around the world, will give a book talk at 92 Street Y on Tuesday, May 31, but not without protest by human rights defenders.


“We are outraged that the 92 Street Y will host a war criminal,” said rights defender Stephanie Rugoff, Coordinator of War Criminals Watch that is organizing the protest.

“During his tenure, millions of civilians were killed in Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos, in a war widely seen as illegitimate. Kissinger was responsible for crimes against humanity in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Chile and other countries as well.

"In East Timor one third of the population, over 180,000 people, were killed when Henry Kissinger and President Ford planned, supported and sponsored an attack by Indonesia,” said Rugoff.

Noted as a "Globalist Kingpin," Kissinger supported the apartheid regime in South Africa according to War Crimes Watch.


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