Top 5 Steps to America’s Bankruptcy – Kelby Explains Why Americans are Slaves

Robert Hender " R J "

Wed  June 1, 2011

Subject:  America's Bankruptcy Out of Thin Air

   Americans may have a choice.  

   Below the link, is a description of the 90min discussion between Kelby and R J 

   " the Republic, " may be America's last chance to turn this Titanic America around.   
Here is the Link to the Radio Interview:
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Here too is a link to a recent National Conference Call with " the Republic. "  Listen to Republic President Tim Turner. 


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There are a few resources which may assist you as you evaluate " the Republic, ' and their claims.  Take a look at  or  or  

The Declaration of Independence is a Trust.  This document declares that our Rights come from God.  Well, at least for a while we stood on the foundation of this claim, that our rights came from God. 

Many people are aware that President Bam Bam was born in Kenya.  In the long-run it may not matter a whole lot, where Obama was born.  These multi-national corporations, that have hijacked America, will find some minion to do their bidding in the White House. 

 We were taught that America won it's independence from England.  We were not instructed about the terms and conditions that Benjamin Franklin signed the Colonies up for.  The winner of Americ'a war for independence agreed to pay interest on the War Debt, while the principle remained in place.  England's King liked it that way. 

After the battle between the Northern Colonies and the Southern Colonies – during the Lincoln years, the District of Columbia Act set aside collateral for the Banksters.  In 1871 a corporation was created, UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  We have been taught to believe that this corporation was our government.  Hidden in plain sight, was the evidence of the DeathGrip that these Banksters have had on America.  Their company, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, was right before us but Americans didn't recognize it for what it was. 

In 1913 during the Christmas break 2 members of Congress voted on the Federal Reserve Act. 

 Americans were asleep, expecting that we had no enemy in our gates. 

Members of the same families who were behind the creation of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA corporation organized the Federal Reserve.  These 13 families have been working to destroy our liberties and to add to their profits, for centuries.  By design, this Banking Cabal called their new Corporation the Federal Reserve in order ti disarm Americans.  Most Americans believe that the Federal Reserve is a part of the American Government. 

Around 1933 a new system of plunder was invented that placed every American as collateral for the national debt.  Actually the debt belongs to the Federal Reserve.  By adhesion contract we have been invited to become the collateral for the debt of these Banksters.  The Social Security Number and our Birth Certificates are instruments of our enslavement. 

All the gold in America, was collected. 

Why didn't Americans protest over these Financial Attacks on America? 

Every Mortgage has been Paid in Full, from the " Straw Man Account, " that was set aside for us by the Federal Reserve.  The few Americans who have learned how to lay claim to those DTCC funds are attacked by the Fed.  Many Americans have been assasinated, as they have been teaching people about Accept4Value. 

The Vatican has taken a Tight Grip on America, through " the Crown, " in England. 

Most people are unaware of these strings that are attatched to America. 

These multi-national corporations are out of money and they are out of ideas.  Their DeFacto system is about to collapse. 

In America, the Republics have been Re-Inhabited.  The Republic that Benjiman Franklin spoke about died in 1871. 

What will you do for Freedom? 

Keep Listening.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J



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