Top 4 Killers in the Food Chain – Monsanto At It Again

Andrew Wasley – Ecologist
Fri, Jun 10, 2011
Subject: Monsanto Killing Fields, the True Cost of Europe's Cheap Meat,_The_True_Cost_Of_Europes_Cheap_Meat.html 



Killing fields: the true cost of Europe's cheap meat

Uploaded by theEcologistTV on Oct 13, 2009

Much of the cheap meat and dairy produce sold in supermarkets across Europe is arriving as a result of serious human rights abuses and environmental damage in one of Latin America's most impoverished countries.

In this film, produced by the Ecologist Film Unit in conjunction with coalition of pressure groups including Friends of the Earth, Food and Water Watch and Via Campesina, documents the experiences of some of those caught up in Paraguay's growing conflict over soy farming.

It also reveals, for the first time, how intensive animal farming across the EU, including the UK, is fuelling the problem. To read the article that goes with this video go to:

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