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Robert Hender  " R J " 

Tue  June 14, 2011 

Subject: Morning Liberty Radio Show is Moving

   Our Freedom of Speech is valued by me. 

   Some detractors continue to claim that a discussion about " the Republic, " may be a discussion over Domestic Terrorism.  If people are making those claims then they are doing so out of ignorance or on purpose in order to try and put s stop to Freedom.  

   Was Ben Franklin lying when he spoke about " the Republic, if we can keep it? " 

   As Americans we have lost our way. 

   Recently I ran into a lady who died on the operating table.  She was suffering through a tubal pregnancy.  She lost the baby.  She died and went to Heaven. 

   Would you believe somebody's claim to have died and gone to Heaven?  What if they were sent back?

   Suzanne Freeman claims in her book that she met family members in Heaven.  Suzanne says that she was introduced to the Founding Fathers, the signers of the Declaration of Indepence. 

   The foundation of America is secured in our claim that our Rights come from God. 

   Suzanne says that she saw the Founding Fathers and they are outraged by what we have done to their country.  They sacrificed everything so that we could be Free. 

   Every day, on the Radio,  i have been doing my best to speak up for Freedom. 

   On   I will be on for the 2 hours before Tru Ott. 

   Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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