1 House at a Time RuSA Saving America – Tim Turner Speaks

Robert Hender " R J "  

Wed  June 15, 2011

Subject: 1 House at a Time – RuSA Saving America


   Check out these websites for more resources.  www.Maine-Patriot.com  www.RepublicfortheunitedStates.org 


   Just as soon as the Audio Link is available for the Wed RuSA Conference Call, we will post it here in this article. 

   I took 6 1/2 pages of notes from the Conference Call on June 16th with " the Republic. "  In this article I will do my best to describe the content of the discussion. 

   On the 15th of June the Conference Call began with an audio presentation about Francis Scott Key and the American Flag.  Americans used to prefer to Die on our Feet before we Live on our Knees.  Freedom has a price.  LeAnn Rymes then sung for us the Star Spangled Banner song. 

   Jim Fitzgerald was the moderator for the Conference Call.  He called upon Robert Zuluaga to pray for our country. 

   Jim Fitzgerald is the Chief Ambassador for " the Republic. "  Jim spoke on how the year 2010 will go down in history in this republic.  It's amazing what we have accomplished in the last 16 months.  " The Republic, " has been re-inhabited.  As members of " the Republic, " we are Pro DeJure Government, Pro Military, Pro Justice, Pro Fair Taxes and we are Seekers of the Truth.  We have the right to alter and abolish bad government. 

   We invited 50 DeFacto Governors to participate in " the Republic. "  Last year all of these Governor invitations were ignored by the DeFacto Governors. 

   The Federal Reserve is in trouble.  All of their DeFacto institutions are coming down. 

   Before the great collapse of the DeFacto arrives we are doing our best to prepare to support America.  We have organized ourselves as a complete Republic, DeJure Government for America.  Jural Assemblies exist all over America.  From Free State Governors in all 50 Republics to RuSA Senators and RuSA Statesmen to the Judicial arm of America and the Executive Branch of the Republic government.  We are poised to do our job to save our country. 

   The Republic is back.

    Rick Winer spoke next about his duties in the Bureau of Republic Records.  They are working to help us undo our adhesion contracts.  They are working to put systems in place to safeguard our ID's and our credentials.  It's a matter of jurisdiction.  When we join " the Republic, " we make a claim upon God as Free Men and Women.  The Republic Congress needs their records safe too.  At Republiccongress.org they are working so that the Congress may operate with their docs, in a protected manner. 

   Rick spke about the Ranger Executive Board.  They are working on policies and procedures for the Republic Rangers.  We expect to be able to walk in to Prisons and help remove people who don't belong there. 

   Hal Epperson was next up.  Hal is the Republic Governor for Arizona.  In Arizona Republic Grand Juries have been dealing with over 30 Foreclosures.  Foreclosures are an act of theft and fraud.  We need our own Republic Notaries.  Hal says that he has helped with over 90 Secrued Party Creditor documents.  DeFacto notaries serve " we the people, ' but the DeFacto thugs have been harassing these notaries for performing their duty for members of " the Republic. " 

   Hal Epperson says that in the Arizona Republic they are working on other Freedom Documents.  They are working on a system of License Plates for members of ' the Republic, " and travel warrants and other lawful expressions of our position. 

   Republic President Tim Turner then made it to the Conference Call.  Tim Turner was listening and he was impressed with the progress the Arizona Republic was making – in Self Governing.  We need to have our own Notaries.  We need to learn how to Self Govern. 

   Tim Turner said that on a National Level we have had some setbacks recently.  Tim Turner was on his way to the airport, for a trip to Italy and 17 officials showed up and wouldn't allow him to fly out of America.  The State Department has people who are trying to block our " Republic progress. "  We have found a way around their blockage. 

   Tim Turner mentioned that " the Republic, " has a team in Europe who are working on our Banking System. 

   We want to give our children a future.  Our wealth has been stolen from us by the Federal Reserve and their minions.  We are moving forward.  In " our Republic, "  we have leaders who are showing the way in GA, NY, CA, PA, AZ, FL, AL, OK, WI, MI, IL and other Free States.  These postal expressions for DeFacto states may not be very Republic like, but for one who is taking notes, it sure helps…  sorry… 

   If you haven't joined " the Republic, " yet then take a look at us.  www.Republicfortheunitedstates.org 

   Since the 1860's this is the First Time that we have had a chance to turn America around.  We need the American people to Stand Up with us.  We need everybody. 

   America is not an island unto itself.  The founding fathers had relationships with other nations, for America. 

   Washington D C is broken and it can not be fixed.  DC is corrupt.  The whole DC cabal must be replaced.  They are insolvent.

   A collapse is coming for the corporate Federal Reserve and all of their cohorts. 

   As quickly as e can we are preparing to shoulder our country, in her time of need.  If America collapses then the whole world will collapse with her.  We must de-regulate business in America.  Our economy depends on Government getting off the backs of business in America. 

   We must help to return Honor and Integrity to America.  May God Bless America and our efforts to help turn America around. 

   Kelby Smith was invited to speak next.  Kelby is in charge of Housing for " the Republic. "   Kelby says that we are working to rebuild a nation, working to generate capital and we have been working to rapair the DeFacto Damage to America.  Millions of Americans are losing their homes. 

   Kelby has been working to bring home mortgages from the Public in to the Private.  There are details that may not be nailed down yet.  The Republic Congress must approve this system, for " the republic. "  In the meantime kelby says that they may hold a Note Captive and then hypothicate the value on a mortgage.  On a 10 to 1 ratio Free States could use this system to save Foreclosures and to generate revenue. 

   Kelby hopes that after the Republic Congress approves of this " Bottom Up Funding, " with mortgages then Free States could help members of ' the Republic, " to take years off of their mortgages.  Once somebody has joined " the Republic, " if they will hand over their mortgage to ' Godsco, "  then they may have 7yrs shaved off of their 30yr mortgage.  When you refer somebody to the Republic and they bring their mortgage in then you may get another year shaved off of your mortgage.  After you have been in this " Bottom Up Funding, " program for 3yrs then you may get an annuity payments.  You mortgage could be an asset after 3yrs.   You may refer up to 20 people. 

   Kelby will begin applying this remedy to foreclosures next week.  It may take 30 or 60 days to gain the approval of the Republic Congress, for this Bottom Up Funding mortgage remedy. 

   Ken Cousens joined the Conference Call to say that he has been bringing up sound principles and lessons in history over the last several weeks.  We must understand history.  We must understand Law.  Law has a track record.  We must understand language too.  These are all interwoven, Law, History and Language. 

   Man on the Land is a part of the structure of " the Republic. "  We have re-inhabited the Republic. " 

   There is a difference between Administer and Executive.  It is not the job of the Republic President to originate or control the law.  It is the job of Republic President Tim Turner to execute the law, to execute the will of the people. 

   Internationally, Tim Turner has duties to fulfill. 

   In 1933 the US Corporation was bankrupt.  They invented the " War Powers Act. "  They invented the Administrative Procedures Act too.  Congress is the Admistrative Tribunal.  States administer the Federal Reserve rules.  The DeFacto President administers the requirements of the creditor in the Fed Reserve bankruptcy. 

   Adhesion Contracts were designed to adhere us to the conditions of the Administrative Procedures Act.  People became the bonded, collateral to the Federal Reserve debt.  The Department of Revenue was created.  Americans fell under Debt Enslavement.  Officers of revenue have been organized to exact more revenue from us: the Highway Patrol. 

   As servants in " the Republic, " we have reinhabited the Republic.  We are solid, weathered by the storms that have come against us these last 16months.  We have more clarity.  We are more focussed.  We are more resolute in our efforts to Step out of Slavery and to help our neighbors Step out of Slavery. 

   We can't do this work alone. 

   We need the help of more Americans, for the Republic. 

   Jim Fitzgerald spoke up and said that we need to teach our children about Freedom.  Some day we may look back and ponder how a Corporation took America down. 

   Jenine Steward is an Ambassador in the NorthWest part of America.  She said that we have all made a commitment to help Save America.  Everybody has talents and experience to share with the rest of " the Republic. "   We can't just phone it in.  It's time that we show up for Freedom. 

   Well, that is when my phone was cut off…  

   For aboubt an hour my phone was blocked. 

   Many of our friends and neighbors are not aware that " the Republic is back. "  Many of us have not done this before.  You are not alone.  This Republic may be America's only chance to be turned around. 

Be free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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