130 Years of Slavery Are Over – God Wants America Free

Tim Turner
Sun, Jul 3, 2011
Subject: the Republic President Speaks July3 2011


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   I have taken several pages of notes from this Fireside Chat with Republic President Tim Turner. 

   I have done my best to represent well, his comments.  If there is any mistake here, it's my fault not the fault of RuSA. 

   Tim Turner spent about 25min speaking on where we came from and where we are going in this Republic. 

   Kelby Smith was the moderator of the call.  A friend of Kelby's was inspired and paid for a Tim Turner class for Kelby so that Kelby would have the chance to meet and then stand by America's President. 

   Wade Butler offered an inspiring prayer – God is shaking America with plagues, storms, floods and other catastrophes.  In the physical, we are observing what is going on in our hearts.  We may have been betrayed, but God has not forsaken us.  God is raising up better people to serve Freedom in America. 

   Tim Turner began by saying that he realizes that many people have been suffering in America.  Many people have sacrificed much for " the Republic. " 

   The 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence suffered much.  They worked and suffered and sacrificed for over 15 years to help give us a Republic, a Free America.  These man may not have realized the significance of their efforts, for generations of Americans that were to follow them.  These men declared war on the King of Great Britain. 

   The Founding Fathers were called " crazy, " like many of us. 

   It was impossible, what those Founding Fathers accomplished.  Without the guidance of the Almighty America would never be free.  John Adams left his family for 7yrs to generate revenue for the Republic. 

   Children turned against their fathers, as those men risked everything so we would have a Free America. 

   George Washingto  had at least 3 horses who died under him, but God protected him as he fought for Freedom in America.  These men served God, not themselves.  From the work of these Founding Fathers, God created something new in America. 

   By 1791 America was broke.  Americans went to work. 

   From America, men and women impacted the whole world with their faith, their efforts and their Freedom.  We have evangelized the world, over aspects of Freedom.  America became a rich nation.  Opportunity was created in America.

   Between 1860 and 1871 a Democracy replaced " the Republic. "   A new legal system created victimless uncrimes.  A series of deceptions followed that have placed every American in jepordy.  We have lived and suffered under this Slavery System since 1868. 

     On March 29, 2010 declarations by " the Republic, " were issed to al 50 DeFacto Governors in America.  These Governors were invited to step in to " the Republic. "   We re-inhabited all 50 Republics. 

   In our hearts we know that our involvement in " the Republic, " is the right thing to do.  God is in it.  Many of us have seen miracles take place in this Republic.  We have had many obstacles.  We have been lambasted by detractors and by family members who don't understand and by friends who aren't friends at all. 

   Around the world many nations are fed up with what the DeFacto has done to them. 

   Around the world we have the verbal support of this Republic.  We have overcome many obstacles, some that you many be aware of and some that you may not be aware of. 

   We have a long way to go.

   On Nov 14th and 15th in 2010 the Republic Congress came together and created a resolution to establish the Law of the Land.  We have the only Lawful Government in America.  We are very proud of our Republic Senate and our Republic House and their leaders.  Self Governing is needed in America.  We have had lots of adversity, but we must stay the course.   

   People and Nations have made us promises, along the way.  Some of these promises haven't been kept yet.  God's hand is in this Republic.  Day to Day, we need the help of God. 

   In Europe we have a team who are working in behalf of " the Republic. "  They are having great success. 

   Every one of us, who works in this Republci, works for God. 

   Tim Turner says that he has spent many years in prayer, for this Republic and for every one of us.  God is moving our obstacles out of our way.  A pruning process is going on.  Moles for the DeFacto have come among us and they have caused damage to our efforts.  Many of these Detractors have been weeded out. 

   235 years ago the original Declaration of Independence was signed by the Founding Fathers.  On July 4th, 1776 those 56 men with different opinions came together for Freedom, for America.  We need to come together in unity. 

   For generations to come we will be viewed as heroes for what we have done for the Republic.  In the face of scorn and adversity we have taken a stand for Freedom, a stand for God in America.  It hasn't been an easy journey for us.  Many of us have been threatened or abused.  We love America.  We love God. 

   We need to repent for the kind of America that our country has become. 

   We have " 1 Shot, " to change the direction of America.  If we fail then our children will have no future.  We fight for them, for our children and their children and for generations that are yet to come. 

   Every day more men and women are taking this Stand with Us for America.  We are looking for people who will help us with a Positive Change for the future of America.  Gideon had only 400 soldiers and they stood against 180,000 and God was with Gideon and his troops.  Because it is the Will of God, we shall win too. 

   Tim Turner says that he has met some wonderful people in America since he has been working in this Republic.  Many of these people are like family.  We need to be excited for the things that are about to come to pass. 

   By the 4th of July next year we will see many more changes for this Republic, in America, that will reflect the Hand of God.  Many changes are coming for our good.  After all the dust settles " the Republic, " will be fully recognized as the only Lawfull Government in America. 

   God will deliver this Republic.  No power can stop this.  God is behind it. 

   Tim Turner said that he and this Republic need our prayers. 

   Wade Butler offered a closing prayer – …therefore prepare yourselves…   God will bring down the pillars of His enemies…   Rejoice America, for God will bring a New Nation in America.  


Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J


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Republic Training-7-10-2011-Class #1 – Welcome to our first Sunday night Fireside chat with our host Vice President Charles Wright and co-host California Governor Chelene Nightengale.  Moderator Kelby Smith.   Enjoy our weekly training on both our history and important founding documents.


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Republic Weekly call for July 6, 2011.  Call Moderator:  Jim Fitzgerald.  Special Guests are:  Kelby Smith, Ken Cousens and Robert Zuluaga.  The topic of discussion was the Constitution.

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