4 Hours With Tim Turner – In America We Are Kings

Tim Turner

Sat, July 16, 2011

Subject: We Are Kings In America


 Take a look at www.RepublicoftheunitedStates.org 

This video done in 09.

YouTube Preview Image


This video done in 10



Audio Link to a June 21st Radio Interview with Tim Turner






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  1. These people ARE FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD under mind Control Criminal anti Extremtist and SCAMMERS they were all put under some weird mind control in UTAH last year Chris salonia is being investigated by the FBI right now for Serious FRAUD crimes against 33 people nationwide they scam people on the internet to buy into this silly Illusion that they are doing something good for the country they are a bunch of self serving Self righteous, indignant arrogant idiots Mcgowan is pathetic and they are all going up the river where they belong behind bars very soon chris very soon

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