ET’s Warn of 2012 Earth Changes – Pane Andov 2012 Equasion Solved

Mr Astral Walker

Mon, July 18, 2011

Subject: ET's Say Don't Fear 2012 Earth Changes

Quoting page 12

“Before I go on, please understand that this letter contains confronting knowledge of major Earth change events.  Sometimes this kind of information can be harmful, especially if you have lived with different life perspectives inside the “Matrix”.  If you feel that the provided information is too much to take or that you are not ready to know the truth I would kindly advise you not to read any further, continue with your life as before, delete this file and pretend that you never received it.  Please know this: This information was not intended to frighten, but to awaken many to begin spiritually, mentally and physically preparing for the challenging period ahead.  Its purpose is to aid the transformation process and to raise consciousness of the most important issues that are well known outside the public arena.”

So with that quoted, you may not want to even read the previous pages I just typed up because there is something in it that is earth shattering… Don’t say you weren’t warned 2x.
Also, knowing these things everything else, secret society info etc, is passé.  Concentrating upon preparations (whatever that might entail for you) is most important…

Quoting –  pages 5-7

26,000 years ago from the galactic centre of the Milky Way, there was a powerful
Release of an enormous amount of energy, which like a huge, shining, circular wave is spreading across the galaxy…”  “The released energetic pulse is already affecting the whole galaxy including the little dot we call our solar system.  Very soon it will reach us and hit us with full strength”
   “In 1999 NASA launched a satellite “The Chandra X-ray Observatory” that is capable of scanning space with x-rays and much of what was previously invisible and unimaginable to the human eye has become visible.  “The Chandra X-ray Observatory” managed to record the cosmic jet that was ejected from the massive black hole in the centre of the Milky Way, along the huge and powerful energetic wave that is parading along the galactic plane…”
   “Chandra recorded stars increasing in size by the extreme influence of the energetic wave and going through major changes; swelling in size and then ejecting the outer layer and becoming much smaller.  The forecast is that the same will happen with our Sun; as soon as it is hit by the energetic wave it will start to react.  A complex nuclear reaction will be set in motion that will cause our Sun to increase in size, swallowing the planets Mercury and Venus.  That means that it will come extremely close to the Earth causing impossible biological life, with daily temperatures ranging from 800C plus to minus 70C and below.”

“Does that date have to do with the arrival of the energetic pulse from Hunab (Mayan name for Creator that acts through the central galactic opening of the Milky Way) and earth of our Sun?  Is there is possibility that in those times there was an advanced technology available and was there intelligence; human or nonhuman that had sophisticated knowledge of those future events?  Was the Mayan Long Count Calendar left as a warning for those living present time, around 2012AD?”

“There as indications that the Calendar was given to the Ancient Mayas.  Olmec people had almost the same Calendar, Aztecs and the original Egyptian as well – before it was changed by the secret societies and ruling Masonic Elite to preserve the information and keep it a secret.  What were they all counting?  All of them were looking at the Sun and at the galactic centre.  The Calendar is so profound that it didn’t miss a single day, hour minute or second. Ever.  The question remains: Who were the creators of the Calendar?”; “What did they know?”

Book form – companion piece to video  –
Shows crops circles – one that matches our solar system on Dec 23 2012, when
Sun expansion starts and ends March 28, 2013,
and so much more

2012 Equation Solved – Pane Andov

The speaker (Pane Andov) came to help…
what humanity needs to do in preparing for earth changes
caused by magnetic forces – this is what caused a hole in earth’s ozone layer,
changing climate on all planets.
Pane also explains crop circle information, what is happening and
what humanity needs to do…

2012 Equation Solved – Part 1/8



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