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Tue, Jul 26, 2011
Subject: World Disclosure Day – Time The World Knew The Truth About UFOs, Suppressed Technolgy

World Disclosure Day – Time The World Knew The Truth About UFOs, Suppressed Technolgy & Free

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Part 1 of 4 UFO UK New Evidence June 2011 NGC Skeptic Channel:

New Zealand 2500+ UFO Defense Reports Declassified Secrets & Released December 2010 OVNIs:

UFOs October 2010 HD It Is Happening Globally Millions UFO OVNI Alien Experiencers 70 years: (164,813 Views)

1-4 UFO eXoPolitcs FreemanTV & EXOMATRlXTV Oct 2010:

Authentic UFOs or Entities Filmed Nouméa Coast 12Sept2010:

EXOMATlXTV Near Death Experience John Kuhles Truthers Alex Jones Bill Cooper UFOs NWO+Alien Agenda!:

UFOs goes Mainstream Again 2010 Year of Official Contact or False Flag 'invasion' for NWO Agenda?:

New Declassified UFO Files UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) Churchill UFO Cover Up August 2010:

HUGE UFO's or ORB-Spheres near the SUN ~ Seen from Different SOHO Angles Nasa Evidence?:

Day Before Disclosure 2010 UFO Documentary:

'Real X-Files' introduction by JohnKuhles EXOMATRIXTV:

01. UFO Coverup Documentary "Out Of The Blue" by James Fox*
02. HARD EVIDENCE … 3 Top UFO Documentaries 31 Dec 2006 (uploaded by John Kuhles)
03. The Greatest Story ever Denied Ufo Docu by Jose Escamilla*
04. "I know what i saw" Second UFO Docu by James Fox*
05. UFO The Secret NASA Transmissions The Smoking Gun, by Graham Birdsall*:
06. Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's – Part 2 by David Sereda:
07. UFO Documentary Multiple Police Reporting UFOs 5 January 2000 Illinois USA: (uploaded by John Kuhles)
08. Russian UFO Docu May 2006 Secrets of the Third Reich II Nazi Bases in Antarctica:
09. DeepSea UFOs USOs HistoryChannel Docu Unidentified Submerged Objects:
10. ""Fastwalkers: UFO & Alien Disclosure" by Bruce Jessup* & Robert D. Miles*
11. UFOs The Hard Evidence Volume1 Part 1 UFO Docu by Graham Birdsall*
12. "Riddle of the Skies" Brilliant British UFO Documentary: a.o. with MOD Nick Pope*
13. Danny Dyer UFO eXperience ECETI Celebs4Truth on UFOs James Gilliand*
14. UFO DISCLOSURE PROJECT military, pilots, air-traffic controllers etc. Steven Greer












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