Hopi Prophecy – Future Is Not Cast In Stone Willy WhiteFeather

Evita Ochel
Wed, Jul 13, 2011
Subject: Willy WhiteFeather Earth Changes: Hopi Prophecy Rock & Mayan Calendar

EBTV presents Earth Changes on evolvingbeings.com. In this episode special guest Willy Whitefeather explains the Hopi Prophecy Rock, the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar and then connects more synchronistic events to the Earth Changes taking place on the planet.

Willy Whitefeather also exposes the NWO, the Illuminati and Bilderberg in this segment.


Earth Changes – Willy Whitefeather Explains Hopi Prophecy Rock & Mayan Calendar Pt. 2 of 3

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EBTV presents Earth Changes on http://evolvingbeings.com In this episode special guest Willy Whitefeather explains the Hopi Prophecy Rock, the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar and the connects more synchronistic events to the Earth Changes taking place on the planet.






OCCULT ISRAEL Secret of the ANCIENTS wake up call awakening truth

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