Obama $Billions – Barry Soetoro Greed Leads to Impeachment

White Hats Report $23

Fri, July 22, 2011

Subject: Obama Hiding $Billions of Stolen Falcone Money



July 22, 2011 – White Hats Reports #23

Progress Update: Murdoch News; Patriots send letter to US Treasury, Senate, House and Obama to save America; The Tropos Files.


Satanical Antichrist Obama's Rule's Last Days; his Birth Issue and Lies are the Hallmark of the Announced Antichrist.

Saturday, July 09, 2011 8:45


We're Living Satanical Antichrist Obama's Rule's Last Days; his Birth Issue and Lies are the Hallmark of the Announced Antichrist.


The Antichrist is described as the Great Deceiver, the Lawless One, the Renegade who fights the System and wishes others' harm only. He does no good but exclusively evil.

The last days are upon us; as he is getting more and more good people putting in place the final acts to close him down. His reelection campaign is clouded by legislation to block him from even running. His own campaign organization is running desperate attempts to fend off the truth about his birth certificate…by themselves selling t-shirts and mugs, with the forged certificate… as if some kind of voodoo magic, could conjure up an antidote to truth and the facts. Obama's now waging a defensive last-ditch effort, while he's already on the run and closing down his last true lines of defense. He's now reduced to slapstick comedy and his real face of a circus-clown, "community organizer" comes out from under the (clownish) face-paint.

I call for all "Birthers" to come forth and abandon the purely legal aspects and now broach the larger spiritual dimension. See the massive fraud and it's moral implications this has for our lives and our futures. You must also realize that this is not just a small innocent ordinary problem we're encountering. No. It's the gravest moral, criminally-linked and shattering set of problems the world has ever been faced with; because this includes challenges of a military ballistic nature. They mean that Obama now has the power, presently, to shove us into the Apocalypse merely by him going mad and forcing the military to go onto FULL ALERT AGAINST THE REST OF THE WORLD.


I'm thus calling on all Birthers to be responsable human beings and not look just inside one's own closed world and bubble. Look at the global picture and think through the global thinking of the world and what the present situation is putting us into in terms of challenges and morally dangerous times and events. The Tea Party forced the Birthers to adapt to politics and we know that that killed part of those who early out had given all their lives to the fight against Obama's lies. But now a new challenge faces the beleaguered forces of Birthers. I remember the first days when Philip Berg and Orly Taitz hosted a joint press conference (and that was the last we saw of those two at the same podium. They're now in lawsuits against each other bwa bwa bwa! If Berg and Taitz could talk again Obama would be dead in the water the next day lol!) I was in the battle then and still am today.

But the new challenge to Birthers is now to bring Obama into a new light and no longer think he's some black gangster who's a blemish on America and by some curse got into the Oval Office. That's far from the truth now. That thinking prevailed during all these years, but now Obama’s done such irreparable damage that it’s no longer possible to keep on minimizing his impact and person. He is truly evil and much more than we’ve ever admitted.


There’s tremendous affection going around for Obama and always has been. Even among the Birthers there’s still a lot of respect for the presidential figure, that the thug Obama has targeted for committing his fraud. We must not be fooled by this presidential figure: it’s been stolen from us. He is not the president.  People still address Obama as if they were fighting against that presidential figure and they can’t understand Obama is no more president that any of us in fact. And what we’re really doing, is in fact, talking to a hoodlum from the ghetto who’s high-jacked our car. We’re discussing with him about how to get our car back (while he’s sitting in it) and where, when and how he’ll cooperate.

That’s not right. The police should be appraised directly. Because then he’ll be forced to give it back immediately and not negotiate about how he’ll start behaving. Then there’s the famous “race card”! And anyone who wants to talk about Obama better be careful that anything said against him will be “racist”, off the bat. That’s not right – call the police already and this discussion is over! Obama ‘Whatever Ur Face Is’! Get Outta Mine!

People have to realize that the America we knew will never be right again and that the damage Obama has inflicted on the whole wide world is irreparable.

Indeed,  Obama is truly of Satan and the Mark of Satan, 666, the Mark of the Beast is clearly upon this evil person.  All people of morality faith or belief must gather all together and spread the message that the Mark of the Beast is upon Obama. When Obama was elected, on his victory-day, the Lottery in his town of Chicago, drew the number of the Bible of the Beast, 666, in the evening pick. We must reveal this everywhere to the whole wide world and bring about the Apocalypse because this alone will save the world. This is our mission and duty to do immediately fast, now,  today.

Realize that things have gone so far that it’s easier to break the whole thing and build up again, than to try to save what’s still there. It’s all been corrupted now and there’s nothing we can save.  People have all turned into vampires and if we look around us to talk to people about Obama, his lies and the way to get out of it, they may easily turn on us and get bad. Just pull the plug and reveal that he’s the Antichrist. People will all fall into pathological distress, but that’s their problem now and not ours’. We have to realize the hour is grave and it’s now a matter of saving the planet because we’ve fallen into something the like of the Roman Empire, in it’s worst decadence and rotted, putrid corruption. We’re now living in evil in some kind of grotesque Sodom and Gomorrah and the walks of power have all fallen to the hands of Satan. If we do this we’ll save the world and if we don’t we’ll doom the world and doom our own sorry lives with it. Do this fast! Now.







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