Top 8 Steps to Dinar RV – $Trillions Are On Their Way

Steve Brooks

Fri, July 29, 2011

Subject: Buy Iraqi Dinr Now  

   Many people will quickly buy gold or silver, just as soon as their Iraqi Dinra has revalued.  Call Paul 330-636-6202 
   You could buy silver or gold directly from the mint.     RJHender is your sponser name. 

This sheet will help anyone who is considering getting a few Dinar today. I hear that BO signed off on things today.

The Dinar is the currency of Iraq.  It has traditionally traded at $4.00 per Dinar for 30 years.  After the war the value dropped to $.001 per dollar.  In 1993 the United States invaded Iraq in the hopes of eventually buying cheap oil in the future.  Part of the plan was to make Iraq an independent country indebted to the United States for their freedom with a fully functional government and internationally traded currency.  For 6 years the United States has been working to this end.  The government is now fully seated & functional.  The only thing left in this long term plan is to establish the Iraqi Dinar as an international currency. The value of the Dinar will be established by the International Monetary Fund based on Iraq’s mineral assets like oil and gold.  Sources tell us that the currency is in the final stages of its revaluation process and will soon be traded by currency traders. 

What needs to happen for the currency will "reinstate" and then "revalue" based on gold. 

·         Come out of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Completed

·         Stable government formed.  Completed

·         Enough low denomination currency in circulation.

·         UN sanctions must be released.  Complete

·         DFI funds have to be returned to Iraq.  Audit by Cofe was completed and DFI has been transfered back to Iraq.

·         Washington Post is saying "Iraq is the place to be investing. "  Top 5 country in oil production even though they are only using 15% of proven oil reserves. 

·         The entire world helped in the rebuilding of Iraq & wants to invest in Iraq. 

·         Our government is trying to figure out what to do with all the trillions of dollars coming into the US from the dinar revalution. 

The Dinar can still be purchased for $.001.  The expected value we expect to see will be in excess of $5.25 per Dinar.  The short term return on your money should be 5,000%.  As of  today, 7/14/11,  Iraq is a sovereign nation.  CNN reports they now have an internationally recognized currency 7/12/11 and they have a usa embassy and they are conducting billion dollar contracts with international companies (wall street journal 7/12 & 7/13)

What about the risk you say? Currency can be bought or sold from any currency dealer. These are commonly found in airports and banks.  There is always a market for currency.  Fees for the purchase or sale of currency run between 2-5%.  But think about it, what are the chances that the third richest country in the world will not have its own currency?  That’s right. Zero.  The only question is will you take action to participate in the Iraq currency revaluation and the profits that come with this revaluation?

Currency dealers Layaway &  &  Layaway  (good video)

Iraqi dinar cost – $.001     Estimated valued after revaluation – $8.00 +,  Rate of return = 8,000%

Purchases can be made using the internet and specifying COD, CASH or LAYAWAY (10% down with balance in 30 days) []

 What's in this for me?  Emotional fulfillment.  I believe in enriching others lives around me whenever I can and encouraging others to do likewise.  Help others whenever possible.  Lead by example.


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When the Power of Love overcomes Love of Power… We enjoy Peace… a World in Peace.  America the Beautiful with wings of power and protection she will fly into the future and the whole world will look up to her for faith, hope and charity.  Let God Bless America.

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