Slavery Alive in USA – Meet Your Strawman video

Sun, July 31, 2011

Subject: Social Security Act Facts – Meet Your Strawman video



Home Depot Co-founder Langone: Obama's 'Unpresidential' Behavior Destroying Economy, Country


Meet Your Straw Man The truth about the Social Security Act..
You may be surprised to learn that evidence exists that you have had a make-believe twin from the time your mother and father permitted a Birth Certificate to be filed for you. This make-believe friend is not real, but artificial. It was created by law and is hereafter referred to as the Straw Man; an artificial entity that has a name very similar to yours. Here is the legal definition of straw man… Related article & video.

Fox News | Ron Paul explains why default by inflation is worse than default by not raising the debt ceiling.
For at least the past half-century Christian pastors and churches have been all but neutered. On the whole, they have ignored Christ’s admonition to be the “salt of the earth,”And the bastardized teaching of Romans 13 is one of the major tools by which this is being done…the pulpit is responsible for it.
WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
September looms large for Israelis, Palestinians
July 28, 2011–HAIFA, Israel – Around here, everyone is deeply concerned about September. In fact, that's just about the only thing anyone is talking about. For Israelis and Palestinians, September is the universally understood shorthand for the likely United Nations vote that month on whether to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state. Right now, Israeli and Palestinian officials are traveling to European and other capitals, furiously soliciting votes. But no one on either side of the debate doubts that a majority of the U.N.'s 192 member states will vote with the Palestinians.


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