Economic Collapse Deliberately – Gerald Celente – David Icke

Gerald Celente – David Icke
Sun, Aug 7, 2011
Subject: Deliberate Economic Collapse 

Video: Deliberate Economic Collapse

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild says here that there needs to be 'regulation' of the banking system when it was his placemen, like Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve, that took it away.
David Icke was speaking in 2009 and 'stage three' is happening now.
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Source: David Icke

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deliberate economic collapse

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Insight into a deliberate economic collapse this is more like a part 1 there's more to be exposed about this topic , was originally going to use a multitude of perspectives but David Icke's recent interview on Croatian TV explained it rather well. Hopefully will make a follow up to this concerning another aspect of this deliberate economic collapse.

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