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Reed Larsen

Sat, Aug 13, 2011 

Subject: Buy Gold/Silver Direct   

Huge AGR Announcement * NEW 1-Gram Offering:


Last night on the American Gold Reserve Conf Call, owner Reed Larsen made the special announcement that we have all been waiting for… American Gold Reserve has added a 7th choice of a 1-gram .9999 gold bar, to our current product offering. This 1-gram gold bar purchase price will be well below $100.00, making AGR an affordable program where EVERYONE can now participate!! 

   Type in RJhender as your sponser. 

Note: American Gold Reserve owners Reed Larsen and Wayne Palmer are shooting to officially LAUNCH AGR by the end of next week!! We are getting CLOSE NOW!!


RE-PLAY of August 9th Call <> Reed Larsen’s Launch Announcements: CLICK HERE for RE-PLAY  

NOTE: After you click on this 24-7 Re-Play Link ALLOW 15-Seconds for it to pull up the recording!!




How do I become an AGR Customer?

You sign-up on-line for F*R*E*E with an existing AGR Affiliate. This makes you an AGR Customer and gives you the right to purchase any of our 7 product offerings at the AGR Preferred Customer Pricing. 


How do I become an AGR Affiliate?


STEP # 1:  First you personally have to sign-up for F*R*E*E with an existing AGR Affiliate, as an AGR Customer. Then as an AGR Customer you will then need to make a personal qualifying purchase of any of our 7 AGR product offerings, at the Preferred Customer Pricing.


STEP # 2:  Once you have made your own personal qualifying product purchase as an AGR Customer, then you personally will need to sign-up an AGR Customer of your own, who then makes a personal purchase any of our 7 AGR product offerings, at the Preferred Customer Pricing.


Note: After completing STEP #1 and #2 above you are officially an active AGR Affiliate!! As an active AGR Affiliate you will immediately be placed into the 3×9 Matrix Tree of the AGR Affiliate who enrolled you, have the ability to earn Affiliate commissions from AGR, and be able to make product purchases at AGR Affiliate pricing.


How do I maintain my status as an Active AGR Affiliate?


After becoming an active AGR Affiliate you have 2 options to maintain ACTIVE AGR Affiliate status.


Option #1:  You can personally purchase any 1 (or more) of our 7 AGR product offerings each month, at the AGR Affiliate pricing.


Option #2:  You can have at least one of your personally enrolled AGR Customers who purchases any of our 7 AGR product offerings, at the Preferred Customer Pricing, during the qualification month.




AGR “7” Gold and Silver Product Offerings:


GOLD: 1-gram Gold Bar * <> 1/10th oz Gold Round <> 1-oz Gold Round <> 1-Kilogram Gold Bar


SILVER: Sleeve of (50) 1/10th oz Silver Rounds <> Sleeve of (15) 1/2-oz Silver Rounds <> Sleeve of (20) 1-oz Silver Rounds


* Important Note: When we officially launch, you will immediately be able to make a purchase from any of our 7 product offerings. However, because AGR is only just now getting the equipment, and getting everything ready that they need to mint/create the small 1-gram gold bars, the 1-gram gold bars will not be ready to ship till sometime in late September. All the other 6 Gold and Silver product offerings will be available for order and delivery with a normal turn around time.



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