Top 5 Banned Cartoons – Racism Runs Deep in America

Jusatin King
Tue, Aug 16, 2011
Subject: Banned commercials – Children's Cartoons 

Banned commercials – 1961 flintstones cartoon

Uploaded by tukwdenemem1 on Dec 4, 2006

Banned commercials – 1961 flintstones cartoon


Racist McDonald's Commercial

Uploaded by thepostshow on Mar 5, 2007

McDonald's marketing campaign goes overboard. From NY's "The Post Show" starring Bob Castrone and Jason Zumwalt.

10 Most Racist Moments In TV

Uploaded by LiquidGenerationTube on Oct 7, 2008

Some people say the most hilarious racist things.

Banned Bugs Bunny Racist Scene


Uploaded by ovalbox on Aug 24, 2009

Southern Fried Rabbit 1953 Warner Bros.

Bugs pretends to be slave and begs Yosemite Sam not to beat him.


On Cartoon Network, WB!, ABC, and the FOX version of "The Merrie Melodies Show", the entire scene is cut where Bugs impersonates a black slave to get past the Mason-Dixon line, blows his cover by playing "Yankee Doodle", places a whip in Yosemite Sam's hand and begs Sam not to beat him, then comes in as Abraham Lincoln reprimanding Sam for what he supposedly done.

While ABC, Cartoon Network, and WB showings deleted the entire part, FOX's "The Merrie Melodies Show" showed Bugs crossing the Mason-Dixon line as a slave and singing Yankee Doodle before Sam catches him, but cut the part where Bugs places a whip in Sam's hand, begs Sam not to beat him, then comes in as Abraham Lincoln to reprimand him.

The Cartoon Network version also cuts the brief shot of Yosemite Sam coming out of a trench with a Confederate flag waving above it and yelling, "Charge!".

EDIT// I had this on another account and it received over a million and a half views before youtube suspended the account for no reason. Also, someone else stole it from me and has it on their account.



Uploaded by JustinWKing3 on Mar 15, 2008

Racism themes within childrens cartoons.

This was made for an assignment on the portrayal of race in the media for a class on race and sociology.

The sole purpose of posting this video was for a class presentation which had I had to perform extensive research on and provide a speech along with this video clip.

Not every cartoon has the same level of racism involved, and I am by no means degrading the cartoons that are involved with this project. Everyone has school projects that need to be completed. One can take a neutral stance when presenting information.




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