New World Order Soldiers – What Makes American NAZI’s?


Tue, Aug 16, 2011 

Subject: Disney Banned Cartoons – Don't Let Your Children See 

Do not and do not let the children watch anymore Cartoon or TV broadcasting

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No copyright infringement intended. This video is blocked in Germany (because of the reversed S S S). Do not and do not let the children watch anymore cartoon or television broadcasting, as the media has been commanded to now openly proclaim the New World Order and the Illuminati in children's programs.






BANNED WALT DISNEY CARTOON-Education For Death-the making of the NAZI

***NEW 2011 NEVER BEFORE SEEN NEW EVIDENCE***Illuminati Mind Control Modern Cartoons

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Illuminati Mind Control Modern Cartoons Brainwashing
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Black History in the USA: Banned Cartoon

Uploaded by Asad1969 on Feb 5, 2009

Breif history of the USA cartoon by Michael Moore



Be sure to watch it soon, NOW. Short video by a Special Forces Lt. General, please send to all you know.



 Some of you may have seen this. If not you just might want to listen. This was made some time ago so things have advanced since the General made this 6 minute video




This is 6 min long and it is given by a retired Green Beret General. 


He is giving information that has come as a result of his service in the military.




You need to watch this and then forward to everyone you know. A video that will make you think seriously!


This is an eye opener and 52% of the voters did this to us by electing Obama.  






If you don’t think it’s time to do some serious praying for our country, watch the video again.












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