Ron Paul Warning – Federal Reserve Behind America’s Downfall


Wed, Aug 17, 2011

Subject: Ron Paul Winning the People's Vote 

I attended Ron Paul's campaign kickoff in NH last night — was expecting a crowd of 300-350 but more than 1,000 showed up on a Wednesday evening to hear Dr. Paul.  His message is basically the same as it always has been —  reign in the Fed and fix our currency and monetary policy, balance the budget, pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and kill the Patriot Act — or as he said, "we ought to know everything about government, not the other way around."  


He is neither a right nor left wing ideologue, and thus represents a threat to those moneyed interests who want the American people distracted between the left and right, and in the process lose sight of them and their theft from the treasury.


The nice thing about NH is that we can meet the candidates in person, and I was only a few feet from Ron. 


Some observations: 


1. Unlike Romney, Palin, Gingrich and some others, he appears to be a real person – and comes across as a Marcus Welby type — a caring person who wants to do the right thing based on principles.  Refreshing for a politician – good handshake and looks you square in the eye – something Bill Clinton or W couldn't really do with sincerity when I met them.  You can tell a phony up close and personal, and he's real. 


2. He isn't as bad a public speaker as they make him out to be, and has a warm, self-deprecating sense of humor. 


3. While he was disappointed by his media coverage after a virtual tie with Bachman in Iowa's poll and after winning the Fox debate scoring, he indicated that this thing called the Internet is now making a huge difference, but recognizes that the big money is against him and the battle is uphill, but winnable.  All it takes is the critical mass to start rolling, and it showed up last night in a very economically diverse mix. The public is beginning to wake up, and ask the question if we print the money, why do we have debt. 


4. He alluded to America being on the downturn for "nearly 100 years" which appears to be a reference to the 1913 founding of the Federal Reserve, and may be the first since JFK to challenge their power. 


5. He isn't afraid to take them on (despite knowing Exec Order 1110 is why Kennedy was shot), is consistent in his positions, and won't allow himself to be bought off. 


6. He is a libertarian, and believes that government should get out of the way on social issues such as gay marriage, and leave that to the religious community to do with as they please and believe.  Faith is personal, a keep government away.  As a doctor he is pro-life, and believes government should, like doctors, "do no harm." 


7.  He certainly isn't "fringe" or "strange" as the main stream media would lead you to believe.


I am impressed that we appear to have an enlightened candidate, who believes in the constitution and founding principles of our republic, and he wants to restore the country to greatness.  His platform is to fix our economy and eliminate Federal debt, end the ridiculous wars, focus on rebuilding the US economy and jobs, restore individual freedoms and rights, and protect the rights of everyone.


Normally, I'm skeptical because for the last several elections we have had a "lesser of two evils" choice set up by the powers that be and the media they control — but in this guy, the people and not the special interests actually have a good candidate, who has logical and practical solutions.  I typically wouldn't send out an e-mail endorsing a candidate, but this guy is different.  Let's spread the word and make a difference this time, and show the moneyed interests that Americans will no longer be their puppets on a string.









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