Silver Protection – Obama Plans to Confiscate Your Gold


Fri, Aug 19, 2011

Subject: Buy then Protect Your Silver and Gold Now

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Gold & Silver Confiscation Protection – Hold Other Metals

Gold and Silver Confiscation – We have been warning about an Obama
confiscation of gold and silver. We still feel extremely strong that
this is coming and soon. The best way to deal with this is to get a
second citizenship/passport from a country that has no taxation on
offshore derived income. The country of your new citizenship should
also be lacking Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties and Tax Information
Exchange Agreements with your home country. This is the correct way to
to do it. Then store your gold under this second identity in a secure
vault that specializes in holding gold and silver. They have such
facilities in Europe and around the world. We will illustrate several
other approaches.  

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Well, it has been along time coming and we are almost there as our website and back office is in beta testing.   We still have some last minute things to finish in our back office shopping cart as it relates to pricing, margin, credit card processing, ACH setup and pictures. All of these thing are nearly completed and we are now just waiting for the approval from our financial institutions which  we expect towards the beginning of next week. 
The template for our web page is close to completion and we are fine tuning the individual pages. Additional webpages will be built and finished as content becomes available. We have spent a great deal of time on both banking and legal issues during this last week and we are finalizing any outstanding issues.   We should be able to launch as soon as we have a go ahead from our legal, web page development group, banking and back office technical team.  As a result of their individual input, we anticipate this happening as  early as the beginning of next week.  Our website and our back office functionality will continue to evolve, as we provide more business tools for our affiliates to use. Our customer and affiliate enrollment applications with legal review stating disclosures and risks have been completed and our legal team is researching any unique differences as it relates to the individual state laws.  AGR company policy and procedures and compensation program have also passed legal review and are ready to go.  
We anticipate being able to deliver our custom AGR bars and rounds within the required timeframe of order placement after good funds are received. Our website will instruct you as how to proceed and the best and recommended form of payment based on order criteria.  Our AGR team will be working over the weekend to facilitate our anticipated launch during this next week.  In the mean time, feel free to go to our website and update your profile with your current information and know that we will be automatically placing all outstanding customers/affiliates in the AGR Holding Tank.  The Affiliates will be placed in the first available opening of their sponsor's organization. Customer volume will role up through the sponsor and customers will not occupy a position in the 3×9 matrix.  As a reminder, your first order will be placed as a customer and for those who have already signed up customers will automatically be advanced to the affiliate position, to be qualified for commissions and purchase future product at wholesale.
Also feel free to go to the AGR website:  to obtain our conference call schedule and past conference call recordings.  As we launch, hopefully next week, we will also make available our new self-replicated websites and we will soon provide you instructions on how to obtain yours.  
Again, we thank you for your support and your patient consideration.

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  1. Charles says:

    Anyone here see this? Wall Streeters do have a “secret society” which steals gold and silver!

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