Economic Collapse – Ron Paul says Rejection of the Dollar is Coming

We the People

Thur, Aug 25, 2011

Subject: Restore America Now – Ron Paul Quotes


Everyone needs to watch this and send it to all your contacts….doesn’t matter what party you belong to NOW is the time to come together as AMERICANS and STOP our FREEDOMS and LIBERTIES from slipping away….let's get a true Constitutionalist elected this time around….please consider becoming a Republican for a short time to vote for Dr. Paul and then you can be an INDEPENDENT once again….that is what I and millions of other Americans are going to do this election cycle…DO NOT LET THE MEDIA WHORES tell you who to VOTE FOR…..they are all pushing PERRY and ROMNEY daily down our throats and sometimes any other RINO they think will stick…….or even the flavor of the month(Christie, Ryan, Palin) because they are deathly afraid that we will get a NON-establishment person who is FOR “WE THE PEOPLE”….PLEASE watch and circulate to all your friends and family!  Dr. Paul’s message of PEACE and FREEDOM is for EVERYONE…..not just a chosen few!!!!


We the People

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One Response to “Economic Collapse – Ron Paul says Rejection of the Dollar is Coming”

  1. Jhon says:

    I hope these bastards don’t try and kill Ron Paul. Remember J.F.K.?

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