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Ron Spence

Tue, Aug 30, 2011

Subject: Silver In Your Hands Beats Gold Certificates Any Day       At     Sponser Name   RJHender


Hi Customers and Affiliates…



Conference Call Schedule:


Please join us for the next American Gold Reserve Business Overview Call with Master Affiliate Ron Spence


BE SURE to get this CALL ANNOUNCEMENT out to EVERYONE in your team!!     Sponser Name  RJHender


FYI: Every Tuesday the American Gold Reserve Conference Call will have one or both of the owners on the call to share with everyone. This will give everyone a chance to meet the owner(s), Reed Larsen, or Wayne Palmer, and hear directly from them as to where we are heading, and how they believe that American Gold Reserve is going to become one of the most successful product driven network marketing companies in the history of the industry!!





SUBJECT: "Business Overview Call" Announcement Heading Down The Home Stretch


SPEAKER: American Gold Reserve Master Affiliate, Ron Spence

CALL DATES: ***Monday*** ***Tuesday*** ***Wednesday*** ***Thursday*** Note: Each and every ***Tuesday*** one of the two OWNERS of “American Gold Reserve” will be a special guest speaker on our Business Overview Call!!

TIME 9:00 PM EST  (same time for all calls)

DIAL in NUMBER: 1-712-432-0900   pin 114584  (same number for all calls)


Have a great week!


AGR Team


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