One Response to “Top 5 War Crimes – A Few Hundred Old Men Want 4billion Dead”

  1. Human Slave says:

    Evil doers,

    Do NOT step aside. Hold true to your beliefs. The stripping of your power is not justice enough. If even one millionth of the accusations presented upon you are found to be true, then you are guilty of genocide and International Law provides us real humans with the right to have you incarcerated for life or put to death. If you are even partially successful in carrying out your plans of filth, then the remainder of us will, most likely, not be so kind as to accept mere jail or death for you. Trust in this…we will find a more fitting justice for you. You are not human. You are just animals and will be slaughtered as we see fit. In your own words, a culling will take place, a culling that not only thins out the herd but a culling that, in our eyes, will be seen as a necessary step to a transformation of our species to an overall higher level of being, a race carrying on without the disease, which is, all but naught, what you have shown to offer mankind. And in the future, if the need arises, we shall do it again. Never again shall your lower species, knowingly, be allowed to walk side by side with humans. “So mote it be.” Congratualtions, you have taught us well.

    So, again, do NOT step aside. I beg of you to let us hunt you down and serve OUR wrath upon YOU as WE see fit. Does this way of thinking make me no better than you? Perhaps. We were all cut from the same cloth originally, but my motives and intentions are what make me what I am, and I don’t believe they are the same motives and intentions which you covet. I will face my judgement when the time comes. I should warn you (on the off-hand chance that it is necessary) to not suddenly pretend to worry about MY soul while YOUR soul is in mortal danger. I do not know, and you should not ask me, what, if anything, could be done to restore your morality. That is for you, and only you, to decide, under the eyes of God.

    BTW, this message is for YOU. You KNOW who you are. Those who have others carry out their dirty missions shall be the primary targets. The wrath follows the blood and make no mistake about it, YOUR hands have the unwashable bloodstains on them, even more so than your minions. I just did not want you to think you were not exposed…we know that there are many thousands of you out there…and we WILL find you, each and every one.

    Peace be with you, sleep well, and thank you for your time.

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