Aliens Exist – Are They Gods?

Wed, Aug 31, 2011
Subject: The Arrival part 49  

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A Jew, a Christian and a Muslim put over 300 segments together, in this series.  People need to know how the NWO is dividing humanity by religious orders injecting false hoods pitting (One God) and his son) believers against each other for there planed world war III   But since you watch and study everything perhaps maybe you would interview the makers and cause a ripple effect.  If your interested I'll track it back down again.

MUJCA-NET is a group of scholars, religious leaders and activists dedicated to uniting members of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths in pursuit of 9/11 truth. We choose to respond grounded in love rather than fear and will not be indifferent to those who have suffered from policies based on unlikely explanations of 9/11.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth is to reach out to people of faith: * To share with them the extensive research that has shown that the official story cannot be true and that a new investigation is needed, in order to pursue justice for all victims of 9/11. * To encourage them to see the immorality, of using a false story as a basis for invading countries, inflicting torture, negating civil liberties, driving a false wedge between Muslims and other religions and creating of a climate of fear in the US and world. * To recognize that if communities of faith are to be the conscience of the state, relying on news sources that are heavily influenced by the state cannot be a reliable means for independent assessment. * To understand the choice we face as people of God between loyalty to God or loyalty to Empire. * To do all of the above while trying to speak the truth in love.

The Truth and Human Beings
"All human beings desire to know, and truth is the proper object of this desire. Although each individual has a right to be respected in his or her own journey in search of the truth, there exists a prior moral obligation [i.e. a moral obligation that precedes all other moral obligations], and a grave one at that, to seek the truth and to adhere to it once it is known. People cannot be genuinely indifferent to the question of whether what they know is true or not.The thirst for truth is so rooted in the human heart that to be obliged to ignore it would cast our existence into jeopardy." – John Paul II

"Self deception, lying to oneself about what is the truth, contains within it the capacity to cast our existence into jeopardy. By self-deception a person commits his or her life to an existence in a whirlpool of illusion: illusion about God, about reality, about human beings, their value and purpose, about good and evil, about what is important and how to use time, etc. Even those morally valid truths that a person honestly holds will be contaminated, if not rendered false, by self-deception, as the self deceiver is forced to "validate" the lies and illusions of self-deception by misusing, manipulating, misinterpreting and misapplying authentically held truth." –Fr. Emmanuel C. McCarthy [on Day 10 of a 40-day fast for the Truth of Gospel Nonviolence]

Restore us, O Lord, that we may be restored. Renew our days as of old.

Christianity and War
by Laurance M. Vance

Open Letter to Rabbi Michael Lerner — Who Did 9/11?
by Zan Overland

The Dangerous Cult of 9/11
by Elias Davidsson

Jewish Voice for Peace Joins Muslims in Support of Anti-Government
Demonstrations in Egypt

A Jewish Group Makes Waves, Locally and Abroad

The State of the Spirit 2011
by Rabbi Michael Lerner

911 — Mission Accomplished by Nila Sagadevan

“And so it is we’re told that on 9/11, in one savage swipe, nineteen Islamic terrorists managed to permanently shatter the socioreligious equilibrium of this planet and po







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