Code Name Geronimo – Bush Cabal NWO Lies

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Sun, Sep 11, 2011
Subject: Code Name Geronimo.wmv 

Code Name Geronimo

Uploaded by MrCati on May 8, 2011

Code Name Geronimo is the Bush family cabal signature that states to those that can see, that this whole Osama Bin Laden operation, was and is a Bush rescue Obama false flag operation.

They are using ritualistic occultism based on the historical occult success of Prescott Bush when he successfully stole the Skull and bones of American Indian Warrior and Chief named Geronimo for his Skull and Bones Fraternity Temple and later for personal demonic rituals.……

I believe that this operation "Code Name Geronimo" in fact have been using the skull and bones of the deceased Geronimo to conduct a powerful demonic ritual that brings forth demons to perform specified tasks needed to veil the NWO deception and cloud the minds of those that intently watch the deception unfold on TV. Being mesmerized to the TV is a clue of such power.

Watching the TV is one of the main means to the demons ability to invade the human psyche and as such, watching the media ritual news is intended to keep you watching while being programmed and demonically influenced.

With the media in tow, the media reports only what they are told to report and in such a way, they can paint or tell whatever lie suits them. They count on not being asked any really tough or meaningful questions and therein is a known weakness. The many holes in the Osama Bin Laden stories add problems to issues, but any issue is going to be answered with a lie no matter what we think. Rebuking the press or Obama with truth then equates to being a conspiracy nut.

By observing the media propaganda, it is clear to see that the Bush family cabal has perhaps once again added new bones or perhaps even the fresh skull and bones of the real Osama Bin Laden to their demonic occult ritual vault where such items are kept. It is logical to assume that naming the operation Geronimo is a deep clue to the Bush ritual use of Geronimo's skull and perhaps also the freshly collected skull of the "real" Osama Bin Laden.

Then if so, this operation becomes a fresh occult ritual where the victims are those killed by Bush Special Assassination Operations Teams calling themselves Cosmic, Specter, Superman, Omega, Delta, SF, SOG, SOC, No Name, Mossad, or just plain old US military forces.

It is plausible that special teams of a different mission type came together to stage a false flag operation with perhaps most if not all of the members never knowing that a ritual is underway or that a false flag operation is underway as well. Multilayering is to be expected in such operations and for such rituals.

Since the SOC troops consider themselves world class players and killers, most special ops members become victim to this elitist state of mind, because they eventually get sent to a real live world mission and never really know they are being played for fools and expected to die by their evil and demonic masters. If they ever do find out or become a loose end, they often get killed in an accident or some combat action with a triple tap like insiders get. You die as a hero or whatever they want to paint you as and then ship you home in a metal coffin box. Such are the ways of being "Special" and elite.

Take care until we meet again.
Respectfully, MrCati

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