Economic Collapse – Mountain Guardian Exercise Sept – Financial Meltdown Oct

Dave Cleveland

Sat, Sept 24, 2011

Subject: Palestinians Want Statehood – Obama Wants Mountain Guardian Bunker

Here's an example of what would happen to our children during an "emergency".
Mountain Guardian Exercise Takes School Children to Sports Stadium
Denver’s Mile High Stadium that the facility would be used for “processing activities,” according to a handout.
An employee confirmed that the south entrance and tunnel of the stadium would be used to bus children in for processing. Buses were spotted at the location with digital destination banners reading “Special,”
Camp FEMA, the supposed disaster response agency has the authority to round up people and relocate them to designated facilitates, including sports stadiums, under a number of executive orders.



Ogden, Utah police first-in-nation to use surveillance blimp


23 September 2011–The police chief in Ogden, Utah, said the city could launch a surveillance blimp by Christmas as part of the city’s crime-fighting efforts. The 54-foot-long craft will be equipped multiple cameras and operated by pilots via remote control. It would run for five to seven hours at a time at an altitude of around 400 feet.
“Nobody else in the nation is trying to do this, so the FAA has no regulations for it,” said Police Chief Jon Greiner. A patrol car fitted with all of the police extras cost $40,000; a surveillance blimp will cost well below that — possibly as low as $15,000; after that, it is $100 a week to keep it filled with helium and charge its electric batteries; the police in Ogden, Utah, decides this is a good deal. The blimp can follow a preprogrammed route, or be instructed to follow a single individual or vehicle.



The vanishing passengers: It's a mystery as bizarre as it is disturbing – why have 165 people gone missing from cruise ships in recent years?


666 Google Wallet Hands-On

Big Pharma Giving Little Girls Cancer: Alex Jones Report


The Alex Jones Channel | Alex discusses the reasons why cancer rates have tripled in the last 30 years.
Petition To Abolish The TSA Appears On White House Website
Paul Joseph Watson | A petition to abolish the TSA has appeared on the White website.

U.S. sold bunker-busting bombs to Israel: report


AFP | President Barack Obama secretly authorized the sale of 55 powerful bunker-busting bombs to Israel.

Cop Who Arested The Five Dancing Israeli’s On 9/11 Speaks Out


American Free Press | Sgt. Scott DeCarlo has never spoken to the media about the details of that day except for two 30-second cameo appearances in Internet videos.

Bishop Koyle predicted
After a 3 day holiday weekend stock market crash.
October 11th stock market crash?
Palestinians want statehood bid decided in 2 weeks


Sat Sep 24, 2011
(Reuters) – The Palestinians want the United Nations Security Council to decide on their bid for full membership of the world body within a fortnight, a leading official in the Fatah movement of President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday. "Palestinians will wait two weeks for Security Council to consider application for membership,"



(VIDEO) Palestinians give 'two weeks' for UNSC action


24 Sep 2011–"Palestinians will wait two weeks for Security Council to consider application for membership,"
Tuesday October 11th stock market crash?



October Meltdown month: Wall St Crash, Black Wednesday, collapse of Lehman Brothers… all were hit in September. So is history about to repeat itself?
Saturday, Sep 24 2011–hit-September-So-history-repeat-itself.html#ixzz1YsqD326k

Is The U.S. Government Stockpiling Food In Anticipation Of A Major Economic Crisis?


The Economic Collapse | Is the U.S. government stockpiling huge amounts of food and supplies in anticipation that something bad is about to happen?

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