Dinar 8.47 – Kuwait Wanted More Dinar Value

Sat, Oct 1, 2011 :
Subject: Dinar ReValue It's About Time

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ShawnW: seen with his own eyes and this i confirmed and I have worked in banking for years..

DMoney has a copy of the CASH OUT MEMO Frombanks – he got this today – and more confirmation with my own eyes that this real and the banks have them he states. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Monday states the rate is $8.47 [USD] CONFIRMED SEEN ON BANK DOCS = It is pegged to the GBP [5.43]-The hold up was with Kuwait due to the rate being so much higher than theirs and they did have the argument with the IMF and they wanted their rate to come up to this rate- when this does take place do not be surprised if the Kuwait Dinar will come up to the $6 – $7 range for the Kuwait Dinar – All major banks and CEO's have gotten this and the banks are to start RVing tomorrow – 

DMoney says that this will take place tomorrow and if not this will be ready for us on Monday -this is all a go now completely… ALL this is confirmed… (Done)
Mark Wasmuth

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–Samuel Adams

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