Economic Collapse – Dictator Obama Could Cancel 2012 Elections

Dave Cleveland

Thur, Oct 6, 2011

Subject: Obama May Cancel 2012 Elections

The youth of this nation are even more ignorant than most of us could have ever imagined.
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Obama: A disaster for civil liberties

Los Angeles Times-  He may prove the most disastrous president in our history in terms of civil liberties.,0,7542436.story


Strike by Greek civil servants shuts down govt
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Angry and frustrated, Greek civil servants walked off the job Wednesday, paralyzing the government and public transport to protest ever-deeper austerity measures and seemingly ineffectual financial policies. As Greece struggles to avoid a catastrophic default, demonstrators in Athens expressed outrage over their misfortune and bewilderment at a crisis that shows no signs of easing.


Assad threatens to attack Tel Aviv in case of NATO strike
Syrian President Bashar Assad on Tuesday threatened to set fire to the Middle East, and especially to Israel, if NATO attacks Syria, the Iranian Fars news agency reported.n a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Assad said: "If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv."



China warns of trade war if U.S. bill passes
BEIJING, Oct 4 (Reuters) – An angry China warned Washington on Tuesday that passage of a bill aimed at forcing Beijing to let its currency rise could lead to a trade war between the world's top two economies. China's central bank and the ministries of commerce and foreign affairs accused Washington of "politicising" currency issues and putting the global economy at risk after U.S. senators voted on Monday to start a week of debate on the bill.
CAN THE BILL PASS? Monday's vote bolsters prospects for the bill to clear the Democrat-run Senate later this week, but prospects for action in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives are murky.


McCain lashes out at Holder over Fast and Furious memos
Top Republicans blasted Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday after reports surfaced that he might have known about the controversial “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking operation earlier than he previously claimed. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) tweeted, “What part of Q, ‘When did you first know about the program known as Fast and Furious?’ didn't AG Holder understand?”


The White House is screaming mad over Fast & Furious
The gunwalking scandal, that is. Are they mad that it happened? Are they mad that people have been murdered as a direct result, including U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry? No, they’re mad that we’re paying attention. Here’s CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson talking to Laura Ingraham this morning. Transcript included.

VIDEO: Obama May Cancel 2012 Elections: Dr. Jerome Corsi
Infowars Nightly News – Dr. Jerome Corsi joins Alex Jones to discuss the possibility of Obama canceling the 2012 elections under the cover of economic collapse.

Obama seeks debt collector proposal
WASHINGTON (AP) — To the dismay of consumer groups and the discomfort of Democrats, President Barack Obama wants Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call the cellphones of consumers delinquent on student loans and other billions owed the federal government…. "Enabling robo-calls (to cellphones) is just going to lead to more harassment and abuse, and it's not going to help the government collect more money," said Lauren Saunders of the Boston-based National Consumer Law Center. "People aren't paying their student loans because they can't find a job."

Bernanke Says Economic Recovery Close to Faltering
The economy is growing more slowly than the Federal Reserve had expected, Bernanke said Tuesday before the congressional Joint Economic Committee. He said the biggest factor depressing consumer confidence is poor job growth. "We need to make sure that the recovery continues and doesn't drop back and that the unemployment rate continues to fall downward," Bernanke said.


VIDEO: Durbin to Bank of America Customers: ‘Get the Heck Out of That Bank’
Holding up a plastic debit card on the Senate floor this afternoon, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., had some advice for Bank of America customers angry about the new $5 monthly fee: leave.



Bank of America Debit Card Fees Slammed as "Durbin Tax"
I know I’m dating myself but I remember when people used to pay for purchases in cash and occasionally, with checks.
Not so much anymore. Now, debit cards are all the rage…It turns out that there may be a method to Bank of America’s madness. The bank claims that the move is in response to a pretty big anticipated loss in profit as a result of the so-called “Durbin Amendment.” The Durbin Amendment is an add-on to the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Public Law No. 111-203), signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010. The Act was meant to protect us from all of those banks that were too big to fail – you know, the whole banking/financial sector meltdown that we just lived through.


Senate Republicans tried to make Democrats hold a quick vote on President Obama's jobs-stimulus bill Tuesday, but were blocked by Senate Majority Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who is sponsoring Mr. Obama's bill but who said other matters take priority. Mr. Obama has traveled the country calling for Congress to pass his plan immediately — including most recently Tuesday afternoon in Texas — but the tax increases included in his bill are opposed by Republicans and even many Democrats.

YouTube: MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan on The Federal Reserve, Media Censorship, Bilderberg @ #occupywallstreet
Warning strong language: It's Time to GET MONEY OUT of politics!!

VIDEO: It's time to get Money Out of Politics MSNBC Dylan Ratigan – It’s time to get things done and finally get money out of politics. Our Washington insider Jimmy Williams is now preparing a Constitutional amendment to get big money from special interests out of our political system. We all know that they buy access and influence through campaign contributions, and benefit from the big payoffs (examples: Wall Street, health care, banking) and, of course, provide a lucrative revolving door to soften the blow when elected officials leave office.

Firearms Microstamping Threat In Massachusetts
State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli’s microstamping legislation (S.835) will be heard in the Joint Judiciary Committee this Wednesday at 1 p.m. in Room A-1. Microstamping is a patented, sole-sourced concept that independent studies have proven to be flawed and easily defeated by criminals. Smith and Wesson, Kahr Arms and Savage Arms and their nearly 2,000 jobs would be impacted by this legislation. The companies would most likely have to abandon the state. The firearms industry in Massachusetts contributes more than $1.1 billion dollars in economic activity yearly.

Emanuel to City Employees: Pay Tickets or Lose Job
In his effort to balance the city’s budget, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has now reached the digging-for-change-under-the-car-seat level: he’s threatening to fire city employees with unpaid parking tickets, red light camera tickets and water bills. City workers owe nearly $3 million in fees and fines. They have 30 days to pony up or enter a payment program that can last as long as a year. If they don’t, the Department of Revenue will garnish their wages, and they can be suspended from their jobs. Those who owe more than $1,000 could be fired.

Want lower property tax rates? Ask for them
This is the time of the year when local assessors send out notices of your home’s assessed value. Note, however, that this is not your real market value. It’s a base value that’s used to calculate your property taxes. If you want to reduce your real estate taxes, start with paring your assessed value. You have a reasonably good chance of winning a challenge to your assessed valuation. It’s estimated that some 60 percent of residential properties are over-assessed, although only a handful of home owners appeal, according to the National Taxpayers Union.
GE Hitachi: 35 U.S. reactors could fail during quake — Problem with control rods
GE Hitachi, which made First Energy Corp.'s Perry, Ohio, plant on Lake Erie, about 120 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, and Exelon Corp.'s Oyster Creek plant in New Jersey, is recommending testing to determine what level of friction would prevent control rods from fully inserting into the reactor core during an earthquake, according to filings with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
AMA losing members in droves, less than 20 percent of US doctors support its agenda
(NaturalNews) The significance and credibility of the American Medical Association (AMA), an organization that allegedly backs physician interests and the promotion of public health, is quickly deteriorating. It is a fact that a mere 17 percent of US doctors are even members in the group anymore. Droves of current AMA members are now resigning, because of the group's open support for "Obamacare."


Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative Makes Ballot
An initiative that would let Montana voters undo legislative changes that gutted the state's medical marijuana law will be on the ballot in November 2012. According to the Montana Secretary of State, organizers for I-124 have collected enough signatures to make the ballot.

The apple – Boost your brain power with a common almost forgotten fruit
(NaturalNews) The outdated apple a day keeps the doctor away adage has been replaced with fresh apple juice three times a week. This new routine was discovered after a ten-year study determined it helped Alzheimer's patients by greatly reducing the chance of Alzheimer's disease (AD) from even occurring. Another study uncovered heart health benefits.


Fruit and vegetable consumption effectively lowers colon cancer risk
(NaturalNews) Health-minded individuals are well aware that a diet high in natural fruits and vegetables equate to vibrant health and dramatically lowered risk of many chronic diseases. The result of a new study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association provides details on how specific fruit and vegetable consumption lowers the incidence of many types of colon cancer, the third most prevalent form of the disease.

There's wood in my food? Wood-derived ingredients common in processed food
(NaturalNews) Lately there have been rumors about sawdust used as fiber filling in processed foods. Well, not quite sawdust. The cellulose used in many foods is processed powder or pulp from virgin wood. It's becoming more common. Though not toxic, what good is it?

1st Anniversary of the Signing of the 4th REICH


Pentagon Wants to Cover Its Drones With Insects’ Tiny Hairs
For years, the military has turned to the birds and the bees for inspiration, churning out mechanical hummingbirds and remote-controlled insect cyborgs. Now the Pentagon wants its mini-drones to have hairy wings and bug eyes, too. It’ll help the tiny machines spy on — and creep out — any enemies, military researchers promise.

Reuters | “There has been a lot of talk about French banks, but … the problem is very widespread,”.
Reuters | Only the shade of gloom, it seems, is in question.
UK Daily Mail | Michelle Obama’s ‘goodwill tour’ of Africa cost taxpayers over $425,000, according to a taxpayer watchdog group.
Turkey to hold military exercise on Syrian border. Assad threatens to destroy Tel Aviv if attacked
War tensions between Turkey, NATO and Syria shot up again Tuesday, Oct. 4, with the announcement from Ankara that Turkey embarks Wednesday on a 10-day "mobilization" exercise in the southern province of Hatay along the Syrian border, through which arms are being funneled to Syrian protesters.


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