Top 5 WW3 Targets – China and Russia Will Defend Iran

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Sun, Nov 6, 2011

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Revolution 2011 David Icke – The Coming World War 3 2011

Uploaded by YourFuture2012 on Aug 31, 2009

David Icke talking about the chances of a coming world war and explains these possiblities with facts and stories.

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Did you know that apparently World War III has been planned? This appears to be the reported scenario. American-backed forces will bomb Iran. You may think… whateva. Iran is a backward and isolated country. After all, America bombed Iraq and Libya. That did not lead to World War III. Wrong!

Iran is neither backward nor isolated. Tehran's subway system makes the New York City system appear to be a dump, and Iran is part of a NATO-style alliance backed by Russia and China. Oh.. you did not know that, did you? Now, are you starting to see the big picture. So, if we bomb Iran, Russia and China will have to bomb us??

Russia's Vladmir Putin has already warned of retaliation if the American axis bombs Iran, and that's exactly what will happen: World War III.

The idea of America bombing Iran, is like Russia threatening to bomb Mexico or Canada, because it was "supicious of Mexicans or Canadians are pursuing the building of an nuclear bomb." Wouldn't that sound ludicrous to you? Well, the current scenario, likewise, sounds ludicrous to most Iranians.

Now, do you think for a minute, that America would allow Russia to bomb one of its allies, and near its borders, on some falsified pretext? Iran is practically a Russian neighbour. Most Americans don't even seem know their own U.S. geography though, to be aware of such a detail.

However, the elites know geography very well, and seem to have planned an inevitable World War III sceanrio, which can only be stopped if Americans and the world, in the words of David Icke, "Wake Up!"

Watch the above video for an elaboration of elite's apparent World War III plans. Elites have apparently timed World War III to emulate Biblical Prophecy in the Book of Revelation, in order to make World War III be the fulfillment of God's warning to the world.

The elites that have executed the timed and orchestrated sham, according to David Icke, will then offer their "solution" in the aftermath of World War III. Their "solution" is apparently a New World Order, with one army, complete with Orwellian Totalitarian control, that will ensure the "security of the people" under the eye of "Big Brother".




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  1. RobertUSMC November 9, 2011 at 10:58 PM

    The following are all Catholic Mystics who have had full Church approval and are of the higest integrity.
    Marie-Julie Jahenny: Brition Stimatist and Mystic – Was shown WWI, WWII and WWIII in detail. Russia invades in a surprise attack on Western Europe during a time when all of the Western nations are in revollution. Russia wins everywhere for two to three years when the tide miraculously turns in the favour of the West. Russia attacks Europe in July and USA in August (year ???) to prevent the them from coming to the aid of Europe. Marie-Julie further details all of Russia advances.
    Blessed Sister Elena Aiello: Russia attacks the West with her “secret armies” and overruns all of Europe.
    Sister Lucia of Fatima in 1990: Russia will attack Europe and the USA and will be victorious (monentarily).
    In 1984 a German Mystic was asked by Pope John Paul what he had seen in his visions: He said that he saw the sky black with missiles and planes coming out of Russia towards the west and two Russian submarines surfacing on the west and east coast of the USA and nuking the major coastal cities.
    Many Catholic mystics have detailed and told of visions of the same, that there will be a total world economic collapse, world revolution, and in the chaos and turmoil Russia with the Muslims and the Chinese attack all of Europe and the USA with armaments, planes, missles in numbers the world never imagined that they had been producing along with an army of over 10,000,000 men to the astonishment of the West. Russia was always planning to attack “but” say the mystics, God pre-empts thier plans, knowing that given enough time Russia would be totally victorious, but God forces Russia to attack sooner than they wanted because of the movements and aggressive moves of the West. The Mystics explain that because of abortion, pornography, homosexuality, fraud, drugs, contraception, feminism, etc, etc, and the loss of faith, the apostacy of the Catholic nations and the Catholic Heirarchy from the faith that God allows our enemies to punish us. When all seems lost,when both the Church and the West appear to be totally lost, God will allow a miraculous change and the tide turns in our favor. We win in the end but three quarters of the world dies followed by an unprecedented period of peace, abundant harvests, and the triumph of the Catholic Church.
    No electricity for over two years, a late spring or late winter with temperature minus 70 degrees for over seven weeks. In the USA: Economic collapse, total chaos, no law and order, first 6months total anarchy and mayhem, second 6mo everyone begins to take two sides, third 6mo the good side begins to win, fourth 6mo the good side wins and takes another 6mo to a year to restore order – during this time, no electricity, no food, no stores, no gas, no medical, no clothes, no buying anything. During this revolution in American we get attacked by Russian, Chinese, Cuban, South American forces from Florida, Mexican border, California coast (One Million Chinese land in a surprise amphibious landing and take up to the Rocky Mtns for six months before we beat them back – with help from within ? ), from Alaska, and Minnestota area ( most Russian and Muslims live in this state and surrounding states). The FBI and Intel has admitted that the Russians have numerous large weapons caches hidden in the USA.
    Search ( WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe ) these are all Catholic Mystics, and search ( The Three Days Darkness) that happens near the middle or end of the war which is to last for over two years here and near five years in Europe. Russia in the end loses, their forces chased into Russia and defeated. A man of royal blood of a line thought to be extinct but has been hidden for a few centuries, leads all forces in Europe against the Russian and Moslem forces and with apocalyptic events and God’s help defeats the invaders. All American forces overseas will be killed and every single major city in the world will be destroyed by war, earthquakes, and the elements, not one will survive. If you live through this you will see the greatest era of peace the world has ever seen, all the evil will be destroyed, all the corruption and corrupt will be killed, after a few generations of this unprecedented peace, man again begins to fall and comes anti-christ in the future. One more thing all homosexuals, Freemasons and enemies both within and without the Catholic Church and against her will be killed. The forces behind all the wars, homosexuality, fraud, theft, pornography, sex trade, organ trade, abortion, feminism, etc, who campion all these evils, is Judeo/Freemasony.

  2. Leonvoltaire November 13, 2011 at 11:21 AM

    “Sister Lucia of Fatima in 1990: Russia will attack Europe and the USA and will be victorious (momentarily)”
    Hmm, not the true vision of Fatima, but nice try.
    It’s the Vatican that is evil, if I’m wrong, please explain this: THE RATLINES

    • RobertUSMC April 27, 2012 at 9:18 PM

      We know what some of the Fatima message is – that a war is going to come if mankind did not change and its evident now that the war is coming. However: There has been much controversy over what was in the 3rd Secret. In 2000, shortly after “some” of the contents of the Fatima message were made public, Father Bollinger, well known in the Vatican and a personal friend of then Cardinal Ratzinger, after concelebrating a mass with Cardinal Ratzinger asked him point blank if that was all that the message contained, to which Card. Ratzinger said: “…that in the Thried Secret, Our Lady warns that there will be and evil council. And She warned against the Chages; She warned against making changes in the literugy; changes in the Mass. This is explicitly set forth in the Third Secet” – Fatima Crusader (on line) #80, pg 32 & #92, pg 7. Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi, personal Theologian to three popes, who read the 3rd Secret, also says that “among other things”, “that the great Apostasy in the Church will begin at the top”. The Catholic Mystics and Stigmatics, Marie-Julie Jahenney and Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich both revealed that Our Lord told them in in the late 19th Century, that a “New Mass” would come that would be “Odious and Impious” in His sight. A group of Italian Intellectuals, many of whom were Vatican visitors and friends, about one hundred as of now, have questioned the Vatican on the evidence that they did not read or reveal all of the 3rd Secret. It is know that it refers to other things including Russia, that if it were revealed that Russia would be compelled to attack immediately. However, this is not the crux of your reply, as you question Lucia’s revelation about Russia attacking America.
      This was not part of the 3rd Secret per say, Lucia had many visions and visitations from heaven throughout her life and in 1990 she was told that Russia will attack America. In September, 2011, Pope Benedict Beatified an Italian nun, died 1960, Sister Elena Aiello, Mystic and Stigmatic. In her revelations (search them on the net) she expressedly says that whole cities, provinces, etc, will be swallowed up in massive earthquakes, that Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and Russia will attack American with her “secret” armies, among other revelations. Marie-Julie Jahenny in the late 1800’s was shown WWI, WWII and WWIII in detail, her revelations give the detail of the Russian attack in three pincer movements, the Scandanavian Countries, East through Italy and Germany to France, and South to Turkey and Greece. That Russia will win everywhere for two years. I could have put up pages of details of the coming war with Russia/China/Moslems, but who would read it all. All of my information I’ve taken from authentic Catholic Mystics, Stigmatics and saints.
      Is the Vatican evil: You might want to search (and maybe the whole book is on net) a book written in 1962 by 12 Vatican Theologian/Historians who while researching the Vatican Archives found a whole trove of evidence and documents of a “5th Column” of secet Masons and Jews that have infiltrated the Church for a few centuries and even now. The Vatican tried to stop publication of the book but it had already hit the streets; only one of the authors has been found out but some Cardinals and Bishops also contributed to the book “The Plot Against the Church” by and under the pen name “Maurice Pinay” avail from OMNI Christian Books of California (net available) for $20. Explains all that is happening today and why and what is comiing. What these mystics and saints and even these priests I mention all reveal is that Judeo/Freemasonry has near taken over all the world in its attempt to establish a One World Satanic World Judeo/Freemasonic Dictatorship. That many of the Catholic Cardinals and Bishops are either part of this “5th Column” or are Modernist heretics, truly a sad time in Church history, but alas, even from the start we had Judas. “The wheat grows with the chaff and they will be separated in the end”. What these mystics explain, besides the details of the war to come, that every single major city in the world will be destroyed by either the war or nature, is that there is now a great Apostasy in the Catholic Church, that most Catholics, no longer know or believe their faith and so God is going to first let our enemies severely punish us, and then when all seems lost, when both the Church and the world seem finished, God is going to step in and say, more or less, “now see what happens when you abandon Me, now see what happens to the enemies of the faith” – so to speak. The Church will be purified, all the many bad Bishops and hierarchy will be eliminated, etc, but first the “chastisement” – also google “The Three Days Darkness” that happens near the end of this war/chastisement which will be about two years here and four or five in Europe. After this is over the mystics say, for the first time in history the Catholic Church will, from that point on be the only Christian faith, now purified and holy, that from then on the devil will no longer be able to attack the Church from within but only from without. Still will be Moslems, Pagans, Jews, etc, but the only Christian faith will be the one true faith, the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. So you see the Church and the Vatican per say are not evil, but at this moment the Church, and the other churches, governments, etc are all infiltrated and now under the control of Judeo/Freemasonry, but God is allowing this just for a time, for our punishment, and after awhile all these agents, all these enemies of both man and God will be severely taken care of, albeit not before we are severely chastised and punished for our sins as I mention in my original article above.
      Again, I was not giving the Fatima vision but a revelation that was given to Lucia in 1990 and is repeated by many other Catholic Mystics and Saints who have warned of the same thing and event to come. Our Lady said at Akita, Japan in 1976, that a ‘chastisement is going to come that is of a severity that is beyond mans imagination. This “chastisement” is very close and will be so sudden that some prophecies say people faint or even have heart failure from how immense and fast it happens when no one expects it. Look though for when the pope dies, a disputed election, two popes elected, then within a few months Russia attacks – possible next spring.

      • RJ April 28, 2012 at 12:46 AM

        I’m so glad for your comments today.

        From another direction, a few years ago I thought I knew all of the answers about last day events. In the Mormon community, many of us believe we know what the events are and what it will look just before the official 2nd advent of Jesus.

        My views are very different now. I think of Nineva. I think of a New Passover for some of God’s people. I think it all will look very differently than I used to think it would look like. I think that every one of us, by our thoughts, inspiration and actioons, we can directly impact the events that are right in front of us.

        Kiesha Crowther was bold enough to call it like it truly is, ‘ we are the ones we have been waiting for. ‘ Are we God’s children or aren’t we? Could a New Beginning, a Golden Age be before us? We shall see… R J

  3. rob August 19, 2012 at 6:42 PM

    False… It would be more like Russia threatening to attack Cuba. Canada and Mexico are close allies, especially Canada. Iran is not an alley of Russia. They are only a business partner. We need to act fast. Iran’s goal would be to try to start WW3, by getting the USA and UN to butt heads with RUssia and China. IT looks like Russia is taking the bait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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